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Precast Software for Design,
Production & Project Management

Precast Software for Design, Production & Project Management

IMPACT Status Machine

The IMPACT Status machine helps you keep track of your precast elements at any stage in the design, production and project process. The IMPACT Project Manager gives you a full 3D model with colours that represent a specific status on every precast element in the project.

These Status and colour changes are continually updating in real-time by all Stakeholders interacting with the data through all the IMPACT software tools, QR Codes and the IMPACT Go mobile application.

“A picture says a thousand words!”

Through the Status machine all your Stakeholders can get a visual overview of the exact precast project status, looking at the 3D model with colours makes it extremely easy for everyone to understand and keep track. These colours also apply in the Resource Manager when you are looking at an overview of multiple projects and multiple factories in a table format.

Different Element Statuses in Project Manager

You can customise the Status & Colours to suit your exact workflow

The Status machine is included with IMPACT as a standard feature for everybody to use through design, production and project processes. It is very easy to configure and set it up to suit your existing workflow and we provide support with that during the implementation and training for every new customer.

GIF example of different element colours in IMPACT

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