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Precast Software for Design, Production & Project Management

Prestressed Slab Design

You can perform a prestressed slab design directly in your IMPACT model, with just the press of a button and using the direct connection to our separate PRE-Stress design and analysis software.

You can check the prestressed concrete elements according to Eurocode with some specific National Annexes. You can carry out a prestressed slab design on hollow core slabs, solid slabs and double tee slabs as you are detailing and modelling with IMPACT Design.

There are two different workflows you can use in IMPACT in order to perform a prestressed slab design as you are detailing.

Simple 1st Stage Load Check in the IMPACT Project Manager

Since IMPACT v16 the PRE-Stress Calculation module has been integrated with the IMPACT 3D Project Manager.

This means that you can now map 3D model data from various Industry Standard software, such as Tekla® Structures, Revit, AutoCAD and BricsCAD, and perform a simple 1st stage load check for prestressed slab design within IMPACT.

Prestressed Slab Design

Comprehensive Prestressed Slab Design in AutoCAD or BricsCAD

Users of IMPACT Design working through AutoCAD or BricsCAD can also benefit from a more comprehensive prestressed slab design workflow whilst detailing hollow core slabs, solid slabs or double tees.

Loads and supports defined in the CAD model along with cross section data are sent directly into PRE-Stress. Having performed an analysis, the slab design results are then imported back directly into your model and shop drawings. More in depth examination of the prestress results can also be performed in the accompanying PRE-Stress file.

The software provides you with detailed calculation reports and allows you to keep an overview of the hollowcore utilisation whilst detailing, all in one continuous workflow due to the connectivity between IMPACT Design and PRE-Stress.

Prestressed Slab Design CAD

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Full details on Prestressed Slab Design and the connection with IMPACT and PRE-Stress  can be found on the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.


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