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Precast Stack Planning

Precast stack planning for both the stock yard and transport is an action that requires experience, precision, and is often quite time consuming. Tight controls on the logistics for precast elements is crucial to optimise the stock yard, reduce crane, forklift and vehicle movements.

The difficulty for stock yard and transport planners is understanding the precast elements erection sequence on the construction site. Further compounded by considering in turn both the transport loading sequence and stack loading sequence in order to limit the number of times a precast element is handled.

Optimal precast stack planning also gives consideration at the beginning of the process all the way back to the moulds or beds casting sequence.

Automatic Precast Stack Planning in full 3D

The IMPACT Precast Stack Planning module helps you overcome these difficulties and not only gives you visibility and connects all the processes but also automatically creates your stacks, depending on how you define them in the system.

Plan your stacks of precast concrete elements in full 3D with the IMPACT Project Manager. The software is very simple to use and you don’t require any 3D modelling skills or prior knowledge of modelling software.

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Precast Stack Planning for plan any type of stack for any type of precast element.

Once you prepare detailed Stacks of elements with IMPACT it will save you huge amount of times by optimising your handling and bringing logistical controls.

The IMPACT Stack Module has the ability to help you plan any type of stack for any type of precast element. You can set up custom stack templates to suit your exact set up with options on vertical, horizontal, “L” and “A” frame stacks.

Different Stack types in IMPACT

Stack Colour Coding makes it very easy to plan to the erection sequence in full 3D

Stack your elements according to your erection sequence and make sure that will be easily loaded, unloaded, or erected directly from the stack. As well as the Unique Element ID in IMPACT, you can also set up additional IDs for the erection sequence and stack sequence to make it very easy for the people doing the loading and handling to follow.

Stack Planning in Project Manager

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For full technical details on the IMPACT Stack Planning module please visit the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.


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