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Top 7 FAQ about the plastic shell model in FEM-Design

2024-06-25|Categories: Blog, FEM-Design|Tags: , , |

Earlier this year, we introduced plastic analysis as a material non-linearity module in FEM-Design 23. By using the plastic shell model in FEM-Design to compute 3D shells of reinforced concrete and structural steel, you get an accurate and realistic structural analysis that offers material savings and increased safety—an outcome [...]

Precast Detailing in IMPACT for Revit – A Webinar series of 3 (Watch it now)

2024-05-16|Categories: Blog, IMPACT|Tags: , , , , , |

Discover IMPACT for Revit by tuning in to our webinar series on Precast Detailing Throughout the first quarter of 2024, we hosted a series of three webinars with more than 200 people signing up. These sessions covered essential modeling tools and introduced new features for various elements: Part I: [...]

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