Finland’s leading structural engineering software for Frame Analysis and Design, Jigi, developed by VirtualSystems Oy, is now a part of the StruSoft Family.

Jigi users will benefit from StruSoft’s wide range of products and markets around Europe.

Joni Hytönen, developer of Jigi, is joining the StruSoft family, as the Country Manager for Finland.

Joni has a broad experience in engineering, StruSoft products as well as many other engineering software.

“Almost every country has a software suite, fitted to the local market, language and traditions. We embrace that. We are happy to contribute to the further development and the survival of the Jigi Software, in the future. Joni Hytönen, (programmer of Jigi), shares our vision and beliefs and who represents StruSoft values as a customer-driven success manager, that can take the leadership of the business for the decades to come.”

Said Dennis Kristensen, CEO at StruSoft

“During many years, I have seen StruSoft attractively positioned as the market leader in the Nordics. Together we will strengthen the Finnish market for StruSoft products and local support. Bringing Jigi to StruSoft will give new opportunities for both our software as well as strenghten the existing relations. I am very happy to be a member of the StruSoft family.”

Said Joni Hytönen.

To learn more about our newly acquired software Jigi – click here.