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Leading engineering software provider for over 35 years

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FEM-Design | Structural Analysis and Design Software

Powerful and intuitive modeling software for structural analysis of building structures.

IMPACT | BIM Software for Precast Design & Planning

A family of advanced BIM precast software to efficiently manage, detail, produce, transport and erect concrete elements.

PRE-Stress | Design Software

PRE-Stress is an advanced software for calculations of prestressed concrete elements, including hollowcore slabs; slabs; beams; sloped beams and double tees. 

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About StruSoft
StruSoft makes life easy for building; structural design; precast concrete design and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, 3D modelling, detailing, assembly etc. We provide highly specialised software in “Structural Analysis & Design” – all essential tools for the entire building industry of construction companies, engineering firms and consulting companies. We also provide a complete BIM workflow for precast concrete businesses. Our software helps our clients saving time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency and productivity when engineering buildings.

May 06, 2021

StruSoft announces the new ownership of Matrix Software

MALMÖ (SWEDEN), NIJMEGEN (THE NETHERLANDS), May 6th 2021 StruSoft, the provider of software products to the global building and construction industry announces the new ownership of Matrix Software, a leading Dutch provider of powerful and user-friendly software for building and construction industry across a broad range of industry verticals. Matrix Software is market leading in the Netherlands within software for structural analysis, precast concrete fabrication, steel fabrication and windows and doors fabrication. StruSoft is majority owned by Vind, an industrial owner with an eternal ownership perspective for its businesses. The new ownership in Matrix Software will enable an acceleration in the further development of both Matrix and StruSoft, their combined product offering and geographical coverage. "Both due to the fact that my long-time partner Ron Weener is approaching retirement age, but most importantly because of our ambitions to expand our reach to new countries, we initiated an investigation some time ago to identify and select a new partner to assist us on this journey. When we got introduced to Vind and Strusoft, it quickly became clear that they share our values for our businesses. I will continue as CEO of Matrix Software and shareholder in StruSoft for many years to come and my ambition is to take Matrix Software to the next level together with all Matrix Software and StruSoft employees supported by our market leading products and services" said Matrix Software Director Heico Heuver “With StruSoft we have experienced a warm and respectful approach towards our customers, employees, products and market positions. We believe that Matrix Software will have a good new home as a member of the StruSoft family" said Matrix Software Director Ron Weener. “Matrix Software is attractively positioned as the leading software developer in the Netherlands within several highly interesting software categories in the building and construction industry. We see great opportunities across all their business segments. The aim of this partnership is for Matrix and StruSoft to widen their geographic coverage and launch new products and services based on each other's strengths", said StruSoft´s CEO Dennis Kristensen. About Matrix Software Matrix Software focuses on user-friendly, accessible and high-quality software in combination with excellent customer service. Building on these solid basic principles, Matrix has grown since 1983 into a software supplier with over 1000 customers and 44 employees, with offices in the Netherlands and Lithuania. Matrix offers various software solutions, such as MatrixFrame and MatrixBeam for structural engineers, MatrixMetal for steel construction, MatrixWindows for the doors and window factories and IC-Prefab for precast concrete factories. Matrix Software has a market leading positions within all its main market segments. www.matrix-software.com About StruSoft StruSoft makes life easy for building-, structural design- and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, energy simulations, 3D modeling, detailing and assembly. The company provides highly specialized software tools for construction companies, precast concrete factories, engineering firms and consulting companies. StruSoft’s software helps users save both time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency and productivity in the engineering process. StruSoft provides several suites of software: FEM-Design, IMPACT, Dimension, WIN-Statik, PRE-Stress, VIP-Energy, BIM Energy and BIMcontact. These proprietary software solutions are built in close cooperation with the users, with a visionary and innovative approach to structural analysis and design, and upon more than 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. The programs have an outstanding technical performance in combination with a user-friendly interface that generates the insight and knowledge necessary and desired for handling complex, mission-critical building analysis & design challenges. www.strusoft.com About Vind, the majority owner in StruSoft Vind is a privately owned industrial owner company with interests in private and public businesses across Europe, primarily focused on software for professionals, life science and niche focused engineering companies. Vind develops businesses with an eternal perspective and has preference for owning businesses with sustainable growth prospects that contribute to faster progress. Vind can be either a majority owner or a minority partner when investing in private businesses. They offer a new permanent home to exceptional businesses when entrepreneur- or family owners consider a change in ownership. Vind is markedly different from most financial and corporate acquirers and investors, in that it fosters a decentralized and entrepreneurial leadership with minimal shorter-term pressure, as Vind has no plans to sell its businesses again. www.vindgroup.com                  

Apr 29, 2021

3 free engineering webinars from StruSoft, that help you stay up to date within the construction industry

Connecting the engineering community through technical webinars offered by professional engineers involving experts and leaders from the world’s most respected engineering organizations is the key to top-of-the-game knowledge.   It is a mix of online learning and webinars designed to increase knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is in the end a sales journey presenting advanced features and research work that will only bring the community closer to sustainability in the real estate and the construction sector.  If you’re seeking consulting tips and tools, rely on us regarding your needs for all of the construction stages. These resources that we’ve created can help members who find themselves in situations where automation and simplified procedures might help a department save time and resources.   Regarding BIM workflows in your detailing department – IMPACT Design  It lets you manage every aspect of your precast concrete detailing, 3D modeling and even provides tools for rough planning and erection planning through the integrated Project Manager. If you’d like to improve your precast design, production, and projects, try IMPACT Design.   IMPACT Production provides the tools you need to implement a complete BIM workflow and manage every aspect of your precast concrete production and projects. The software is highly customizable to the exact needs of your precast factory; offering you the ability to 3D plan and keep better track of all types of precast elements; individual and multiple projects.  The IMPACT team at StruSoft provides monthly Free Webinars tailored to fit exactly your precast business. Whether you work as a consultant or run a precast factory, the technicians at StruSoft will make sure you get the correct guidance and company setup.  Here is the list of Webinars/Events & Training.  Get full control over your structural analysis with FEM-Design  FEM-Design is advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel, timber, and foundation structures according to Eurocode with NA. The unique user-friendly working environment is based on the familiar CAD tools that make the model creation and structure editing simple and intuitive. The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction tasks from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures and makes it the best practical tool for structural engineers.    The FEM-Design team at Strusoft is the most powerful asset due to its popularity and top-of-market feature releases. The team has designed manuals stored in a private user section, learning videos, events, and webinars in order to experience an easy and fast knowledge base while testing the program. Check the guidelines for an easy installation of any version of the software.   StruSoft offers several custom services that can be arranged individually. But don’t miss the webinars while staying connected with the engineering community worldwide.   A fully dynamic energy calculation software – BIM Energy  By combining state-of-the-art calculation algorithms with a user-friendly interface, complex questions about energy usage and potential for energy savings can be evaluated quickly.   BIM Energy helps both experienced engineers who are used to work with energy calculation software and people who instead use static handmade templates for calculating the energy savings potential from renovation measures.    The demand for energy-efficient buildings is on the rise and because engineers and architects can set energy-efficiency goals for their clients that can be obtained using calculation tools, the importance of this software increased a lot in the past years.   StruSoft offers its full range of tools including the energy calculation software provided by our own experienced energy engineers.   We constantly advise our clients and future partners regarding energy calculations in BIM Energy. Attend the webinar series powered by BIM Energy if you work with energy efficiency and you need the state-of-the-art tool to help you save both time and energy.   All our Webinar announcements are invitations to community talks and industry insights. If you wish to stay connected with us and have reminders of each event, follow our LinkedIn Page.

Apr 28, 2021

FEM-Design's geomodule saved time and provided a better financial solution when PCC Projekt AS designed the foundation for Tallinn's new cultural school.

When technology consultant PCC Projekt AS designed the foundation for a new cultural school in Tallinn, the choice was between piling or using concrete slabs. With the help of FEM-Design's geomodule 3D soil, engineers obtained a quality analysis result that both saved time and provided an economically more advantageous solution. In the Estonian capital Tallinn, a new cultural school of music and ballet is being built. An important part of the design was to determine how the building's construction could have a safe foundation. Piling proved to be an expensive solution and therefore a stable concrete slab was suggested, which was evaluated by engineers at technology consultant PCC Projekt AS. There, FEM-Design's geomodule 3D soil was a very useful tool that had a major influence on the decision on which method to choose. PCC Projekt AS in Tallinn delivers design services, assists in developing drawings and provides consultation and advice. The assignments range from simpler buildings to more large-scale projects, such as the Tallinn Cultural School. The company is primarily focused on the Nordic market and exports 90% of their services. Nearby houses were included in the analysis To get a thorough overview of how the loads were divided, both the building and the ground were modeled in the same model in FEM-Design. The soil consists of several layers of sand and mixture of clay and sludge and was modeled to a depth of 30 meters. Data was provided by a geoengineer and entered into the model. The structural loads, such as heavy wall structures, and outside pressure from the groundwater, were added to the model. Chief designer Tanel Kullamägi at PCC Projekt AS could now get answers to various questions in the project, such as the impact of the other houses in the urban environment. "The geotechnical module in FEM-Design was a very big help," says Tanel. "In an easy way, we were able to produce the displacements, not only underneath the building, but also from nearby buildings. There were older houses nearby and it was necessary to understand how they affect and to what extent." Tanel also checked that the displacements were within the set requirements. The results were positive. - We were therefore able to go ahead and design the concrete foundation with the right strength.                                                                     Difficult to do calculations without the geomodule If Tanel hadn't used the goemodule, it would have taken a lot longer to design the plate. Without the geomodule, he would have had to use both calculations by hand and worked in Excel. Not very productive. - It was very difficult to evaluate by hand the differences in displacements in various areas and how they affect each other. But it was especially a task that was impossible to solve without the module.    - Understanding the impact that the surrounding houses may have is important and I got that information from FEM-Design, not by calculating by hand or in Excel. The analyses and calculations carried out by Tanel in the geomodule produced a quality-assured result that will give the concrete foundation of the new school the right design. The displacements that arise will be within the requirements. And the goal was achieved, to get a good strength without having to pile the foundation and instead use concrete slabs. An analysis with 3D soil that not only saved significant time in the project but also provided a better financial solution.   Read more about the geomodule here Get free trial here   By: Love Janson
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