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FEM Design | Structural Analysis and Design Software

Powerful and intuitive modeling software for structural analysis of building structures.

IMPACT - Precast Concrete BIM Software for Production and Design

A family of advanced BIM precast software to efficiently manage, detail, produce, transport and erect concrete elements.


A powerful but easy to use software series for common engineering design tasks.

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About StruSoft
StruSoft makes life easy for -building, structural design- and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, 3D modeling, detailing, assembly etc. We provide highly specialized software in “Structural Analysis & Design” – all essential tools for the entire building industry of construction companies, engineering firms and consulting companies. Our software helps our clients saving time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency and productivity when engineering buildings.

Jul 10, 2019

StruSoft StruXML Revit Add-In 1.1.013 is released

We are excited to inform you that StruSoft StruXML Revit Add-In 1.1.013 is released In this version, except of regular bug fixes, we are introducing a few additions to our Add-In and some changes to existing functionality, as well as compatibility to Revit 2020. All new features and changes are widely described in the release notes. What's new in this version: Compatibility with Revit 2020. Each command and tool in the StruXML Revit plugin has now link to WIKI explanation. It is now possible to export a Revit floor element as diaphragm to struxml. It is now possible to export Revit wall and floor elements as covers to struxml. It is now possible to import bar and shell reinforcement from struxml to Revit. It is now possible to import FEM-Design edge connections library to Revit. There is a new setting option to merge materials with the same name at mapping. It is no longer required to save a Revit model before exporting it to struxml. There was an material error at importing CHS, KCKR, VCKR or KKR steel sections to FEM-Design. In some cases the beam rotation was not handled properly when importing elements to Revit.

Jul 04, 2019

StruSoft announces acquisition by industrial owner company Vind

Vind has joined StruSoft as a majority owner MALMÖ, SWEDEN, July 4th. 2019 — StruSoft, the provider of software for structural analysis, design and process management within the construction industry, announces that the industrial owner company Vind has become the new majority owner. The change in ownership will enable an acceleration in the further development of StruSoft, its product offering and its geographic coverage. “We have been looking for the right new owner who shares our vision and beliefs and who represents a new generation that can take over the leadership of the business for the decades to come. I am happy to announce that the industrial owner company Vind will become a 78% owner of StruSoft and that Dennis Kristensen, currently VP of StruSoft Denmark, will be taking over after me as the CEO.” said StruSoft’s CEO Paul Rehn. Vind is a very long-term oriented owner in private and public businesses within software, life science and other sectors. Paul Rehn and other members of the management will remain co-shareholders of StruSoft. Paul Rehn will continue to work as Head of Business Development and will also be a member of the board of the company. “StruSoft is attractively positioned as the market leader in the Nordics with its FEM Design structural design software and IMPACT precast concrete software, with many further excellent software products and services on offer and in development. The aim of StruSoft to widen its geographic coverage and to launch new products, such as the BIM Energy platform for the simulation of the energy use of buildings, is well aligned with our desire to contribute to progress and sustainable growth for the very long term.” said Vind’s CEO Harald Høegh. About Vind Vind is a privately owned industrial owner company with interests in private and public businesses across Europe. Vind is very long-term oriented and has preference for owning businesses with sustainable growth prospects. The company can be both a majority owner and a minority partner when investing in private businesses, typically seeking to become a new permanent home when entrepreneur- or family owners see a need for change in ownership. Vind is markedly different from most financial and corporate acquirers and investors, in that it fosters a decentralized and entrepreneurial leadership with minimal shorter-term pressure, as it has no plans to sell its businesses again: www.vindgroup.com. About StruSoft StruSoft makes life easy for building-, structural design- and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, 3D modeling, detailing and assembly. The company provides highly specialized software tools for construction companies, engineering firms and consulting companies. The software helps its users save time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency and productivity in the engineering process. StruSoft provides several suites of software – FEM-Design, IMPACT, Dimension, WIN-Statik, PRE-Stress, VIP-Energy, BIM Energy and BIMcontact. The proprietary software is built in close cooperation with the users, with a visionary and innovative approach to structural analysis and design, and upon 30 years of experience. The programs have an outstanding technical performance in combination with a user-friendly interface that generates the insight and knowledge necessary and desired for handling complex, mission-critical building analysis & design challenges. More than 10,000 users with more than 1,000 clients in over 20 countries are so far part of the StruSoft community. StruSoft had revenues of 83 MSEK in 2018 and has around 120 employees located in the Nordics, Hungary, India, the Philippines and UK.  

Jul 01, 2019

Meet Fredrik Lagerström - Prefab specialist at StruSoft

I work as a customer coach with focus on concrete prefab with regards to our calculation programs. Simultaneous, I am the product owner for the program PRE-Stress, a program for analysis and design of prestressed elements. A major part of work is to hold educations within this business area, primarily company-adapted but also regularly scheduled over the year. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about prefab solutions and whether you want a training in FEM-Design or PRE-Stress. I started my employment at StruSoft 2011 and before that I worked as a structural designer at Strängbetong for five years. After my graduation from Chalmers University, I worked as a general designer at a small construction consultant for three years. With my experience in the prefab industry my role at StruSoft has changed, from support manager in FEM-Design to developing our calculation programs focusing on the special problems that exist in concrete prefab structures. In recent years, FEM-Design has been upgraded with custom solutions within the field of concrete prefab. New programs have been added, as for example, calculating stresses in hollowcore elements with regards to deformations of the supports (Flexible Support) and improved functionality in PRE-Stress. One of the major development projects that we at StruSoft have done is together with Contiga in Denmark to further improve the program PRE-Stress with feedback from our users. This has resulted in opportunities to perform more detailed calculations and in a functionality for calculating torsion, custom templates for placement of prestressing strands in the cross section and calculations of splitting and spalling. We have also simplified the loading of load combinations so that the user automatically receives suggestions for psi values ​​and other values ​​from eg. load types. More news in PRE-Stress; is to calculate using lightweight concrete and add custom hollowcore cross sections by using a dwg import. Even punching and advanced shear calculations according to the hollowcore standard EN1168 are functions that have been added during the last year. Contact Fredrik for more information! Phone: +46 (0)734 20 20 74 Email: fredrik.lagerstrom@strusoft.com                                        
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