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Design Modules in FEM-Design

Discover all the design modules in FEM-Design which have the required features for every type of construction material you use. Browse among various design and analysis possibilities and choose the perfect mix of FEM-design applications and design modules, to suit your structural engineering needs.

3D Soil

Nonlinear interaction of superstructure and soil

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CLT Design

Design of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structures.

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Composite Design

Design of multi-material structural components

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Concrete Design

RC and precast concrete design and analysis in a 3D environment

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Foundation Design

A tool for modeling varying stiffness in different foundations

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Masonry Design

Brick and mortar – ready for detailed checks

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Steel Design

Design of steel components in simple or complex structures

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Steel Joint Design

Steel Joint

Model and check real connection behaviour

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Timber Design

Optimise wood sections of bars and panels

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Calculations performed according to: –

  • EuroCode
  • Belgian National Annex
  • British National Annex
  • Danish National Annex
  • Dutch National Annex
  • Estonian National Annex
  • Finnish National Annex
  • German National Annex
  • Hungarian National Annex
  • Latvian National Annex
  • Norwegian National Annex
  • Polish National Annex
  • Romanian National Annex
  • Spanish National Annex
  • Swedish National Annex
  • Turkish Seismic Code

Languages supported: –

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Polish

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