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Composite Design

The Composite Design module in FEM-Design enables you to do a detailed design according to Eurocode 4, checks and documentation on composite columns and Peikko DELTABEAMS® with different cross-sectional types and shapes.

Using Composite Design you also gain access to FEM Design’s versatile reinforcement editor, which can be used for assigning unique reinforcement to concrete part of columns. The calculations can be performed for ultimate and service limit states, second-order analysis.

Watch a Composite Column Design Overview Video

Composite Design Module Features

  • Dimensioning of concrete-steel composite column members according to Eurocode 4
  • Fire check
  • Circular or rectangular hollow sections, concrete-enclosed I-columns
  • Automatic and Manual design of cross-section
  • Automatic and Manual design of reinforcement
  • Adjustable, general bi-axial bending and shear capacity check
  • Interaction surface
  • Crack-width calculation
  • Stress distribution within all composite cross-section

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Calculations performed according to:

  • Euro Code
  • Belgian National Annex
  • British National Annex
  • Danish National Annex
  • Dutch National Annex
  • Estonian National Annex
  • Finnish National Annex
  • German National Annex
  • Hungarian National Annex
  • Latvian National Annex
  • Norwegian National Annex
  • Polish National Annex
  • Romanian National Annex
  • Spanish National Annex
  • Swedish National Annex
  • Turkish Seismic Code

Languages supported:

  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Polish

FEM-Design Wiki

Read more about Composite Design on the FEM-Design Wiki by clicking here.

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