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A comprehensive and easy-to-use
energy calculation software

A comprehensive and easy-to-use energy calculation software

BIM Energy Analysis Software | Save both time and energy

BIM Energy analysis software is a web-based, state-of-the-art building energy simulation and calculation engine. The software helps you model, simulate and calculate buildings’ energy performance, which can be used to decide whether the building meets the energy efficiency requirements or not.

BIM Energy Evaluation is an easy-to-use fully dynamic energy calculation software that provides fast answers to complex questions regarding energy efficiency for the Building Industry.

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By combining state-of-the-art calculation algorithms with a user-friendly interface, complex questions about energy usage and potential for savings can be evaluated quickly.

Since BIM Energy is flexible and easy-to-use, the application suits both you who are experienced in working in energy calculation software, and also people who often use static handmade templates for estimating the energy savings potential from renovation measures.

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