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Prestressed Concrete Elements

Prestressed Concrete Design Software | PRE-Stress

PRE-Stress is an advanced prestressed concrete design software that helps you run calculations and analysis on many types of structural prestressed concrete elements including hollowcore slabs, solid slabs, wall panels, beams, sloped beams, double tees and most recently “sloped” TT beams.

In fact you can define any custom beam cross sectional shape with PRE-Stress, which gives a lot of versatility if you are considering the design for manufacturing non-standard or getting into new types of structural prestress elements.

PRE-Stress is unique that it calculates all the phases of the construction, from the release or detensioning of the wires/strands in the factory, the properties of storage conditions, possibility to add loads during transport and erection, and finally the long term, short term and ultimate limit states.

The program is based on a 2D FEM Calculation Engine for accurate and precise results to Eurocode EC2 and EN1168 for hollow core slabs.

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Precast, prestressed concrete elements have a tough life. Large stresses act on the immature concrete when the strands are released, which can cause cracking. The cracks and deformations that an element receives in this first stage of its life remain, affecting its bearing capacity and shape long after it has been erected in its final intended place.

Elements are typically stored (frequently for long periods of time) in outside storage yards, with drastically different supports and environmental conditions, than the final placement. Transporting and erecting elements also involves different supporting conditions and accidental dynamic loads. All this affects the final stage results.

All the serviceability state phases, like cracking and effects from creep, shrinkage and relaxation, are linked so that effects will be similar to real life. These effects will then be taken into account in the design phase of the ultimate limit states. All strength, accidental and fire ultimate limit states can be calculated by PRE Stress which makes it one of the most advanced prestressed concrete design software in the world.

PRE-Stress Features

PRE Stress Benefits

Section Shapes Selection of section shape from the library or define manually
Reinforcement Pattern Manager Optimise both prestressing wires/strands & rebar/reinforcement
Load Cases Defining load cases (dead, live, snow, etc.)
Load Combination Generator Automatically generate dead load cases
Recess Beam Design Helps you reduce floor heights
End Beam Design Calculation/check of the end beam reinforcement
Fire Design and Code Verification EC2 and EN1168 for hollow-core slabs
Torsion Torsion design/check according to EC2
IMPACT Data Import Integrate with Tekla®; Revit; CAD; XMS; XML
Reports Automatic generation of reports

Both prestressing wires/strands and also standard non-tensioned rebar/reinforcement, can be added automatically through predefined layouts, or manually, by adding and removing User defined bars/tendons.

The results are presented either on screen or by a User defined report, showing everything a designer needs to be able to make cost-efficient designs according to Eurocode.

Users of our IMPACT Design software can also benefit from the full integration of hollow-core calculations whilst detailing hollow-core floor layouts in both AutoCAD and BricsCAD and now in full 3D with the IMPACT Project Manager.

The calculation results are saved in the impact database and visualised in the IMPACT Project Manager 3D view. 3D Model data can be imported into IMPACT from Tekla and Revit to also run a simple 1st stage prestress load check.

Loads and supports defined in the model are sent to PRE Stress along with section data, returning calculation results according to current national annex (Eurocode) which is presented in a report for easy printout.

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PRE-Stress Wiki

For full technical information, User Guides and all the theory behind the software please visit the PRE-Stress Wiki by clicking here.

Calculations performed according to:

  • EuroCode
  • British National Annex
  • Danish National Annex
  • Finnish National Annex
  • Norwegian National Annex
  • Swedish National Annex

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