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Prestressed Concrete Elements

Reinforcement Pattern Manager

The Reinforcement Pattern Manager comes into play after defining your prestressed concrete element cross sectional shape in the initial set-up in the PRE-Stress software.

Once the element shape exists in the program you can define its reinforcement values. You can set appropriate main bar diameters for both bottom and top. You may enter values for cover and distance between bars, vibration space, largest aggregate size and cover deviation.

For defining the longitudinal prestressing wires/strands reinforcement you have two options available in PRE-Stress:

Option 1 – Strand Pattern Manager

Use the Strand Pattern Manager to define the reinforcement by loading either a normal prestress wire/strand pattern file, or a master pattern file. This includes all possible strand positions for a casting bed in a specific factory. The centre of gravity for the cross section and the centre of prestressing are also shown to minimise any non-symmetrical deflection.

PRE-Stress Reinforcement Pattern Manager

Option 2 – Reinforcement Layer

Select a reinforcement in greater detail by clicking Layer of Reinforcement, or add it manually.

PRE-Stress Reinforcement Layer

Transversal Shear Reinforcement

You can also define transversal and horizontal shear reinforcement with standard rebar with options for both an automatic design or manual design. Regular reinforcement is defined using a specific setup of parameters. It is also important to select the bar type to get the correct geometrical properties.

The entire beam must be given stirrups either manually or by invoking the automatic design of stirrups function. Should stirrups not be applied throughout the entirety of the beam, shear capacity will equal zero (VRd = 0 kN) for calculations considering shear reinforcement.

Watch a Quick Overview Video on Strand Patterns

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PRE-Stress Wiki

For full technical information, User Guides on the Reinforcement Pattern Manager please visit the PRE-Stress Wiki by clicking here.

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