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Section Shapes

You can define cross section shapes into the PRE-Stress software in two ways: either through a dxf/dwg import from AutoCAD/BricsCAD (recommended) or you can add via section measurements.

There are a lot of possibilities with PRE-Stress to run calculations on cross sections for the majority of structural prestressed concrete elements, including hollowcore slabs, solid slabs, solid wall panels, beams, “sloped” beams, double tees and now even “sloped” TT beams.

In fact you can define any custom beam cross sectional shape with PRE-Stress, which gives a lot of versatility if you are considering the design for manufacturing non-standard or getting into new types of structural prestress elements.

DXF/DWG Section Shape Import

If a dxf/dwg import file route has been chosen, then PRE-Stress scans the content and presents what it finds for you. The chosen section needs to be given a name and PRE-Stress tries to figure out a proper scale. You can review the ‘section parameters’ to make sure the scale is correct and then import. You can also define and edit your own cross sections from a collection of standard section types already in the PRE-Stress section library.

Watch a Webinar about Importing AutoCAD Hollowcore Slab Cross Sections

Manual Section Shape Creation

The alternative to dwg/dxf import is adding the Section measures (see picture) which then are used to create a closed polygon which is used in calculations. The polygon is used to calculate section properties as AIyIzbw, arrange reinforcement and show as graphics. The measures B and H may also be used at calculation.

PRE-Stress Section Shapes

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PRE-Stress Wiki

For full technical information, User Guides on all the Cross Section Shape possibilities please visit the PRE-Stress Wiki by clicking here.

Calculations performed according to:

  • EuroCode
  • British National Annex
  • Danish National Annex
  • Finnish National Annex
  • Norwegian National Annex
  • Swedish National Annex

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