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Prestressed Concrete Elements

Prestressed Custom Beam Design with PRE-Stress

You can define any Prestressed Custom Beam design PRE-Stress. This gives you a lot of versatility if you are considering the design for manufacturing non-standard or getting into new types of structural prestress elements.

You can study the precast custom beam behaviour under torsion by applying loads with eccentricity and get an automatic detailed report of the internal forces to Eurocode. It the perfect software program for designing different types of prestress custom beams.

Prestressed Custom Beam - PRE-Stress software

Prestressed Custom Beam Design Features

Configure your variable cross-section for the prestressed custom beam design by setting the dimensions of the element. You can set the slope and customise intermediate cross sections.

The strands are easily added and positioned manually or through the use of the Reinforcement Pattern Manager. The reinforcement bars at the top are automatically adjusted to the slope of the top edge. Using the full bond option you can ensure that the bars are connected over the mid-span.

The self-weight is automatically applied for the element. Depending on the type select for the load. The program will automatically add the correct factors according to the National Annex and generate the load combinations.

After a successful code control it is possible to design the recesses in the ends of the beam.

Get a full documentation report for your sloped I Beam calculation in seconds, with all the verifications including fire calculation.

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PRE-Stress Wiki

For full technical information, User Guides on Custom Prestressed Beam design please visit the PRE-Stress Wiki by clicking here.

Calculations performed according to:

  • EuroCode
  • British National Annex
  • Danish National Annex
  • Finnish National Annex
  • Norwegian National Annex
  • Swedish National Annex

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