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Introducing FEM-Design 3D Bridge Software

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FEM-Design 3D Bridge

Experience the future of bridge engineering with 3D Bridge

Introducing our brand-new FEM-Design module tailored for road, railway, and pedestrian bridges with moving load automation to calculate traffic load envelopes based on influence lines or surfaces. This new module is designed for modelling speed, transparency, and precision, offering bridge engineers the perfect easy-to-use tool for everyday tasks.

FEM-Design 3D Bridge

Key Advantages with FEM-Design 3D Bridge

Traffic load models

Seamlessly integrate load models and groups from EN 1991-2 and National Annexes, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Transparent documentation

View load positions, analysis results, CO2-emissions and step-by-step design checks for a transparent workflow to facilitate simple project audits.

Quick and efficient modelling

Intuitive and object-based modelling tools for conventional bridges. API integration for Grasshopper and C# for automation and complex geometries.

Watch the 3D Bridge Overview Video

User testimony:

“I immediately felt it was user-friendly; you get fast changes and fast models on the fly. I’ve been a sole user in the beginning, but now it has been spreading through the engineers. It’s the appropriate software for various applications.”

Georgi Nedev, Bridge Engineer at TBS

Interview with David Bohman (Sweco) during KCT 2023 in Budapest

Key Features

3D Bridge is a specialised module in FEM-Design designed to analyse pedestrian, road, and railway bridges according to EN 1991-2 standards.

The primary goals of this feature include:

  • Influence graphs: Utilises influence graphs to determine critical load systems and their positions at finite element nodes, ensuring accurate envelope generation.

  • Traffic Load patterns: Applies optimisation techniques to identify unfavorable load positions and parameters.

  • Load combinations: Allows incorporation of various load combinations, including linear traffic load envelope results. Users can generate discrete traffic load systems for non-linear combinations, facilitating comprehensive analysis.

Key features list from other FEM-Design modules:

  • Concrete Design EN 1992

    • Longitudinal reinforcement
    • Shear reinforcement
    • Punching reinforcement
  • Steel Design EN 1993

    • General method for shells
  • Timber Design EN 1995

    • Laminated shell theory
  • Foundation Design EN 1997

    • Shallow- and pile foundation stiffness calculation
  • API for Grasshopper and C#

  • Post tension cables

  • Non-linear calculations

  • Construction stages

  • Stability/imperfection analysis

  • 2nd order analysis

  • IFC/DWG and SAF import/export

  • Plastic analysis

  • Dynamic analysis – time history analysis

  • Eigenfrequencies

FEM-Design Wiki

Full details on the 3D Bridge module and the theory can be found on the FEM-Design Wiki page. This page provides users with comprehensive information that encompasses software module explanations, workflows, theory, as well as the latest release news and updates. Once on the Wiki page, use the navigation menu on the left hand side to browse through the content.

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