At StruSoft, we believe in the power of innovation to transform the way engineers approach their work. That’s why we were thrilled to participate in Brobyggardagen 2024 in Gothenburg, where we presented our latest development: the 3D Bridge module. Held on January 29th, the event provided an excellent platform to showcase our dedication to pushing the boundaries of FE software and engaging with industry experts.

Our 3D Bridge module represents a significant step forward in FEM-Design applications for bridge engineering. Designed for everyday use by bridge engineers, it offers advanced modeling, analysis, and optimisation capabilities. The module is tailored to the needs of bridge engineers.

Key benefits of the 3D Bridge module

One of the key advantages of our 3D Bridge module lies in its seamless integration of traffic load models. Users can effortlessly incorporate load models and groups from EN 1991-2 and National Annexes, ensuring compliance with industry standards. This capability simplifies the design process while enhancing bridge analysis’s accuracy and reliability.

Moreover, our module offers transparent documentation features that give engineers a clear overview of their projects. From viewing load positions to analysing results and conducting step-by-step design checks, users benefit from a transparent workflow that facilitates simple project audits.

Another benefit for FEM-Design 3D Bridge users is the capability to perform quick and efficient modeling. With intuitive and object-based modeling tools tailored for conventional bridges, engineers can rapidly develop accurate models. Furthermore, our API integration for Grasshopper and C# enables automation and handling of complex geometries. These features ensure that engineers can efficiently bring their bridge designs to life and save time and resources while maintaining precision and quality.

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Feedback from Brobyggardagen 2024

The response to our bridge engineering module at the conference was very positive. Bridge engineers were excited about its potential to transform bridge design and analysis. Moreover, attendees were impressed by its intuitive interface and powerful features.

StruSoft at Brobyggardagen 2024

Isak Björhag (StruSoft), Marwan Trabulsi (Tyréns), and Sotirios Lekkas (Sweco).

What our users say about FEM-Design 3D Bridge

The new traffic loads are like gold. Now, parametric bridges are becoming a reality, and that’s great!

David Bohman, Bridge Engineer at Sweco

I immediately felt it was user-friendly; you get fast changes and fast models on the fly. I’ve been a sole user in the beginning, but now it has been spreading through the engineers. It’s the appropriate software for various applications.

Georgi Nedev, Bridge Engineer at TBS

The event brought us valuable feedback for refining and enhancing our 3D Bridge module in the future. We are dedicated to continuous improvement for bridge engineers, and our developers are committed to ensuring the module meets users’ needs and empowers them to achieve their goals efficiently.

As we move forward, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates and announcements from StruSoft. We will continue to empower bridge engineers with the tools they need for a better tomorrow.

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