Structural analysis plays a crucial role in the design and construction of any building or infrastructure project. It entails utilizing specialized software to model and simulate how structures behave under different loads and conditions. With numerous structural analysis software options available, selecting the most suitable one for your specific project needs can be a daunting task.

Infographic guide for how to choose the best structural analysis software in 2023

Structural design & analysis software empowering you to achieve more in less time

To cater to diverse structural engineering needs, we have several specialized software programs, such as FEM-Design, DIMENSION, JIGI, PRE-Stress, and WIN-Statik. The guide below will give you a walkthrough of the features and benefits of our structural software solutions to see how they enhance the design & analysis process.

Easy-to-use full 3D structural analysis software

FEM-Design is a sophisticated but user-friendly software that supports 3D modeling, design, and finite element analysis of various construction materials. It adheres to Eurocode standards, including specific national annexes, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. It has 9 comprehensive design modules that cover every type of construction material and meet demanding structural engineering needs.

FEM-Design - software for structural analysis

The calculations that can be performed using FEM-Design include displacement, internal forces, stresses, stability, imperfections, eigenfrequencies, time-dependent analysis, and/or seismic analysis.

FEM-Design supports several different BIM integrations to ensure safe and professional data exchange with external software and to facilitate fluent design workflows. It can take part in round-trip BIM workflows with standard open file formats, such as IFC and SAF. It also has free, dedicated tools that enable 3D-BIM-based collaboration with Nemetschek Allplan for design and analysis of 3D bar and surface reinforcement objects, as well as with IDEA StatiCa Checkbot for steel joint design and code-checking.

Structural programs to simplify and automate the design of load-bearing structures

DIMENSION consists of multiple programs designed to simplify and automate the design of load-bearing structures. It covers different construction and material types, providing clear printouts of complex calculations while following Eurocode standards with Danish national annexes.

DIMENSION software

With DIMENSION, dimensioning beams, columns, walls, and slabs in different shapes and materials becomes a breeze. The software’s suite of programs covers a wide spectrum of applications, ensuring that structural elements are properly sized to withstand various conditions such as failure, fire, and intended usage. From calculating cross-sections to determining load capacities, DIMENSION streamlines the design process for different construction materials.

2D/3D structure modelling, analysis & design with Jigi

JIGI is a user-friendly software focused on 2D and 3D structural frame modeling, analysis, and design. It supports Concrete, Steel, Timber, and mechanical support structures, offering simplicity and efficiency.

JIGI software

It provides engineers with the tools to create detailed and precise 2D and 3D models of structural frames. Its graphical user interface offers a user-friendly experience, allowing for easy manipulation and modification of structural elements.

By utilizing advanced analysis algorithms, the software accurately predicts the behaviour and performance of structural frames under different load conditions. This includes static, dynamic, and nonlinear analysis, ensuring comprehensive insights into the structural response.eeds.

Design & analysis software for prestressed concrete elements

PRE-Stress is an advanced software specialized in prestressed concrete design. It handles various prestressed concrete elements, including non-standard designs, and considers different construction phases according to Eurocode EC2 and EN1168 standards.

PRE-Stress software

PRE-Stress stands out for its comprehensive calculation capabilities, encompassing all phases of the construction process. It covers the entire lifecycle of prestressed concrete elements, including critical stages such as wire/strand release or detensioning, considerations for storage conditions, the ability to incorporate loads during transport and erection, and the evaluation of long term, short term, and ultimate limit states..

Structural engineering softwares for common design tasks

WIN-Statik is a well-established software used widely in Scandinavia for over 35 years. It offers an easy-to-use platform for common design tasks, including concrete, masonry, and foundation structures. It offers structural applications (concrete beam, concrete column, concrete section, punching, frame analysis, concrete corbel, masonry design etc.) and geotechnical applications (foundation, retaining wall, settlement), complying with Eurocode standards and specific national annexes.

WIN-Statik concrete beam

As a complementary offering to our advanced and flagship product, FEM-Design, WIN-Statik caters to the diverse calculations required by structural engineers in their daily tasks. Our users appreciate WIN-Statik due to the user-friendliness and capabilities of performing advanced calculations for what is usually a tedious and time-consuming activity.

The best structural analysis software from our portfolio based on your needs

By utilizing these software programs, you can streamline your design workflows, achieve accurate results, and save valuable time and resources. These tools provide versatile calculation engines, user-friendly interfaces, and efficient documentation capabilities. These core features are backed by responsive customer support and continuous improvements based on user feedback.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a full 3D structural analysis software, FEM-Design is the right choice from our portfolio. If your needs are object based in a 2D/1D environment, then you can choose another software from our portfolio.

Choose the software that best aligns with your project requirements and enhances your structural engineering endeavors.

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