StruSoft Installer

StruSoft Installer, is the program that allows you to download all StruSoft software, manages the license activation, provides you with regular updates and new versions of the software. These pages contain guidance on how to download, install and set up for both single and managed license servers.

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Activation of license with StruSoft Installer

In order to claim and keep your license file alive you need to install StruSoft Installer and use it to activate your license, both as a user with a local file and as an administrator installing/configuring a license server.

Client Configuration

As a user of a StruSoft program you need to choose your license source (local file or network server).

Server Installation and Configuration

If your license is of network or global type, you as a network administrator need to install and configure the license server (service).

Knowledge Base

FAQ and other titbits of information concerning StruSoft License System 4.


YouTube videos showing the installation and configuration of the StruSoft License System 4.