From 19-20 October 2023, in Budapest, our long-standing KCT event for FEM-Design superusers reached its 10-year milestone. Thus, KCT2023 marked 10 years of successful customer cooperation for the innovative development of our main structural analysis software.

KCT has always been the place for learning, sharing ideas and innovating, to push FEM-Design to high-end. At StruSoft, this is part of our long-lasting tradition of listening to our customers’ feedback and incorporating it into FEM-Design’s development.

At the event, we had many FEM-Design superusers from various countries and guests from our resellers. We want to thank them again for their presence and continued support in making FEM-Design an excellent tool for every structural engineer’s toolbox.

See how the event unfolded by checking the picture gallery below.

What made KCT2023 a great meeting place for FEM-Design superusers?

It’s simple. It’s the informal human to human interaction, the exchange of ideas, the networking part, the feeling of being part of a community, and the ability to contribute ideas for the software’s future versions.

• Got in touch with StruSoft representatives from their region;
• Connected with key developers of FEM-Design;
• Joined the exclusive presentation of FEM-Design 23;
• Provided feedback on the current version and shared their wishes for future versions of FEM-Design;
• Gained insights from other superusers on how they utilize FEM-Design in their everyday practice;
• Got up to speed with the exciting FEM-Design API solution;
• Expanded their professional network and established collaborations.

“The KCT events during the last decade have ensured us to develop FEM-Design in a direction to be the best solution for our customers and users, for now and for the future. Basically, our software success depends highly on our customers success in creating smart and innovative engineering solutions. An example for this is the API solutions and our skilled API team, working closely together with our users. At KCT 2023, I saw a high engagement among the participants during the workshop sessions,” says Mikael van de Leur, Head of Sales – Structural Business Unit.

Here’s a video interview with one of our superusers, Andrei Podkorytov from UPB, who participated at KCT2023.

The history of KCT: from a small gathering to an annual event

We remember the first edition of KCT like it was yesterday. As always, Budapest was KCT’s home. The beautiful capital of Hungary is home to FEM-Design’s development team, so it made a lot of sense for us to make it the home of KCT as well.

“KCT has transformed over the years, growing from a small gathering to an annual event that attracts a lot of superusers from all around Europe. We are absolutely thrilled with the FEM-Design users’ community. Every year, they bring a wealth of ideas to Budapest and are fully prepared for in-depth discussions with the entire team. The benefit is mutual. Clients depart Budapest with a wealth of experience gained from the workshops and our comprehensive training sessions, while StruSoft receives valuable feedback and requests for further development,” says Iwona Budny, Product Owner of FEM-Design.

KCT is a goldmine for suggestions to improve the software; however, it’s only one step in the development process. If you want to see more details about how we approach this process, check out this blog post.

How to get started with FEM-Design

If you’re unfamiliar with FEM-Design, applying for a free trial is the best way to get started. This will give you an automated, hassle-free, 2-week trial. Click here to request a free trial to try the software and see if it fits your needs. For the free educational student license, please follow this link.

Our YouTube channel has plenty of technical video content to help you work optimally with FEM-Design. For example, you can start by watching the English tutorials.

You can also learn about FEM-Design capabilities from our customers by reading case studies.

We look forward to seeing your amazing designs in FEM-Design. As KCT2023 wrapped up, it’s now time to look forward to the upcoming version of FEM-Design, so stay tuned for more information.