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FEM-Design v21 Logo
FEM-Design v21 Logo

How to Get FEM-Design?

We have made the downloading and installation of FEM-Design as easy and as fast as possible for you, no matter if you are an existing Customer, a Student, or if you are trying out the software for the first time. Please follow the instructions below which explain how you can get started with FEM-Design.

All StruSoft software programs can be downloaded through the StruSoft Installer. This program takes care of all your installation files (including previous versions of the program), updates and licenses.

Free Trial Version

Click on the Get a Free Trial button and apply for a free trial version.

You will be provided with help regarding installation, licensing and support using the program.

Free Student Version

Click here for the Free Student Version of FEM-Design!

You will need to upload a copy of your Student ID.

You will get an automated email and be provided with help regarding installation, licensing and support using the program.

Existing Customer

If you are a Customer with an existing license that is already setup in the StruSoft Installer, you can also find the latest version of the program from the FEM-Design Download Centre.

System Requirements

Check the minimal and recommended system configurations when using FEM-Design by clicking here.

Get Started with FEM-Design

If you are a new User to FEM-Design, we have provided you with some information guides to help you get started: –

  • Learn the basics
  • Practice your skills
  • Extensions and plug-ins
  • How to use StruSoft Support

Please click on this link to the FEM-Design Wiki to learn the basics.

Watch the Introduction to FEM-Design Webinar

This webinar gives you a good introduction and details regarding the basic functions in FEM-Design. You will learn more about what you can do in the program and why you might consider FEM-Design to support your structural design and analysis.

Why wait? Apply below to download a trial license of FEM-Design and get started on your journey today!

Calculations performed according to:

  • Euro Code
  • Belgian National Annex
  • British National Annex
  • Danish National Annex
  • Dutch National Annex
  • Estonian National Annex
  • Finnish National Annex
  • German National Annex
  • Hungarian National Annex
  • Latvian National Annex
  • Norwegian National Annex
  • Polish National Annex
  • Romanian National Annex
  • Spanish National Annex
  • Swedish National Annex
  • Turkish Seismic Code

Languages supported:

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Polish

FEM-Design Wiki

Full details about every aspect of the FEM-Design Structural Design Software and all the theory behind it can be found on the FEM-Design Wiki by clicking here.

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