In the heart of Stockholm, a new residential oasis is taking shape at Slagsta Strand Kv7. This project is a testament to innovation and expertise, with Kritter leading the charge in design and detailing, and Pekabex producing and delivering the beautiful precast elements for Consto AB.

Slagsta Strand Kv7 isn’t your average residential complex—it’s a trio of buildings with an underground parking area. Kritter tackled everything from walls to beams, ensuring every detail was just right. They even seamlessly incorporated electrical ducts, water/sewage pipes, and HVAC devices into the design, making urban living easier and more comfortable. This allowed Pekabex to produce and deliver the elements almost ready for use.
Pictures from © Pekabex Group - Beautiful Precast Sandwich panels

The journey

In the journey to success, cutting-edge software played a pivotal role for Kritter, allowing them to transform ideas into reality with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Among the array of tools, IMPACT and FEM-Design emerged as stars, facilitating Kritter’s creative process. A notable highlight of their innovation? The incorporation of sandwich walls, crafted using bricks sourced from the esteemed Pekabex factory in Gdańsk. These walls stand as more than mere structural elements; they are masterpieces in their own right, boasting five distinct brick types and showcasing innovative arched openings that blend functionality with artistic flair.

Collaboration was key

With Pekabex delivering the precast elements that formed the project’s backbone. Their expertise ensured everything fit together seamlessly. As Slagsta Strand Kv7 continues to take shape, StruSoft is proud to play a role in shaping the future of urban living together with our customers. With dedication to excellence and a knack for innovation, Kritter, Consto AB and Pekabex is setting the standard for residential design.

Picture from © Pekabex Group
Screenshot (To the left & middle) from IMPACT & Screenshot (To the right) from FEM-Design, Provided by Kritter

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