Discover IMPACT for Revit by tuning in to our webinar series on Precast Detailing

Throughout the first quarter of 2024, we hosted a series of three webinars with more than 200 people signing up. These sessions covered essential modeling tools and introduced new features for various elements:

  • Part I: Beam, Column & Hollow core
  • Part II: Solid walls, Sandwich walls, Slab, and Prestressed slab element
  • Part III: Form Slab, Double wall, and Linked elements

In addition to exploring these tools and features, we showcased newly released functionalities, including the precast workflow. This involved demonstrating the insertion of components, saving precast elements to the IMPACT database, and generating shop drawings within IMPACT for Revit.

Watch the entire webinar series of Precast Detailing in IMPACT for Revit.