Get an insight into how Helgeland Beton is taking care of its precast business and the processes behind it – through digitalizing with IMPACT.

At Helgeland Betong, they are focused on using modern tools to ensure effectiveness in all stages of their production. Their goal is to make the experience simple and the information readily available – for everyone in the precast process. 

Therefore they follow the digital development in the industry by using IMPACT, our BIM Software for Precast Concrete Design and Planning. Which leads to several actors can stick to the entire construction process continuously. They can create a model of an entire building, collect data on prefabricated concrete elements, and retrieve reports and drawings. All this is within IMPACT.

It allows them to make precise decisions, visualize their work, work efficiently and avoid misunderstandings throughout the precast process.

Check out this great video (created for Helgeland Beton), where Production and maintenance manager Svein-Ole Ysland tells about how they work at Helgeland Betong by using 3D tools to improve efficiency, traceability, and communication – through the usage of IMPACT.

We are very grateful for this cooperation and trust!

Watch this quick Video created for Helgeland Beton produced by TV Klipp AS)

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