BIM doesn’t have to be slow

10 years ago, in 2012 I was doing a master’s thesis on the use of IT systems in the construction industry. At the university, you go through many “smart” people and academic books. At that time, and still, when I see posts online, lectures, etc, there is a general consensus that BIM would save you a lot of time, money, and effort in the construction stages, if you just put in that extra work early in the process. Curves like the MacLeamy curve are also often used to visualize this example.

Precast Detailing

10 Years later, I have to say that I agree that BIM, 3D modeling, object-based models, etc, is the way forward. But I highly disagree that BIM has to take longer than the traditional way of working. And why does it also have to be more complex?

Especially for Precast Concrete, StruSoft has been making the database-driven automation solution IMPACT for 30 years. This is developed specifically for Precast Factories, and consultants, to be an easy-to-use, and highly efficient solution.

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An “Old” Article from 2005

In 2005 StruSoft released an article with some numbers on time savings by using IMPACT, I have attached a scan of a schedule in this article below.

Describing the picture below shows how much less time you needed to design in 2005. An example is the hollow-core elements for offices, where you would only need 10% of the original time to finish the detailing work.

Since 2005, the software has been optimized for 18 more years, so those old numbers are not even close anymore, and one would expect the savings are much higher now. Even with full data in a 3D BIM model!

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Precast Detailing

How can I get started, can I get IMPACT?

How do you get IMPACT then you might ask? – What do you need to have to use the detailing/3D modeling tools? It’s easy, AutoCAD, BricsCAD, or Revit, or just the willingness to get it. And a way of getting in touch with StruSoft.

You can either visit our product page or get in touch by booking a Teams meeting.

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