We’re always excited to see another precast project made with the help of IMPACT, our Precast Software for Design, Production & Projects. This project, called “Mangon” is a residential building located in Stockholm, Sweden.

About the project

The main structure of the building consists of insulated walls, solid walls, and form slabs. The building is divided into eight parts, and on the first two underground floors, you will find a parking lot.

The project consists of 3.824 Precast elements and 11.362 metric tonnes of concrete. The consultant company Kritter has designed 39.074 m2 of precast elements. Detailing of all walls, columns, and beams. Electrical ducts, recesses for water/sewage pipes, and HVAC were all included in the precast elements detailed by Kritter.

Screenshots from the IMPACT Project Manager - (C) Kritter Engineering and Consulting

Michal Miszczuk, owner and CEO of Kritter, happily states that this is one of the largest projects the company has finished and that they are more than happy about the result and process. – What a great project this has been, and the use of technical software IMPACT combined with the technical knowledge by Kritter.

As Kritter writes, we create the highest quality designs for the precast concrete industry in a very short time. We can achieve this because of our excellent, well-experienced engineers and professional software, which we are proficient in, thanks to close cooperation which its developer – StruSoft Company from Sweden.

Kritter is a happy user of IMPACT and our Structural Analysis Software, FEM-Design.

We are very grateful for this cooperation and trust!

Pictures from on-site- (C) Kritter Engineering and Consulting

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