MALMÖ, SWEDEN, January 15th 2021

StruSoft, the provider of software products to the global building and construction industry announces the new ownership of BuildSoft NV, the leading Belgian provider of fast and user-friendly structural analysis software. StruSoft is majority owned by Vind, an industrial owner with an eternal perspective on its businesses. The new ownership in BuildSoft will enable an acceleration in the further development of both BuildSoft and StruSoft, their combined product offering and geographical coverage.

“When approached by StruSoft for a possible partnership, it quickly became clear that we shared the same values and visions for our businesses. I am happy to announce that StruSoft is now a 100% owner of BuildSoft and that on the other hand I’m now a shareholder in StruSoft. I will continue my role as CEO in BuildSoft for many years to come and I’m happy that StruSoft will support our business going forward. I am also happy to announce that both our teams in Merelbeke (Belgium) and San Juan de Alicante (Spain) will continue with increased force to develop and support fantastic products to the benefits of our clients”.

BuildSoft CEO – Geert Goossens.

“BuildSoft is attractively positioned as the market leader in Belgium with its Diamonds 3D finite element structural analysis software and BIMExpert software for exchanging and synchronizing BIM models. In addition, BuildSoft has many other excellent building and construction software products on offer and in development. The aim of this partnership is for both BuildSoft and StruSoft to widen its geographic coverage, to launch new products and cooperate based on each other’s strengths”.

StruSoft CEO – Dennis Kristensen.

About BuildSoft

From the very beginning in 1989, BuildSoft focused its business on easy-to-use, accessible and high-quality software combined with an outstanding customer support service. Building on these solid fundamentals, BuildSoft not only became the market leader for structural analysis and design software in Belgium, the BuildSoft solutions have also become very well perceived by our resellers and customers in more than 60 countries.

BuildSoft offers multiple software solutions, from a 1D program like ConCrete to the powerful and reliable 3D finite element software Diamonds. BuildSoft’s PowerConnect software for steel connection design distinguishes itself from the broader market alternatives, offering both simplicity and performance, with a growing worldwide userbase. The software BIMExpert simplifies the communication between different analysis and design software providers, enabling a collaborative structural BIM workflow.

About StruSoft

StruSoft makes life easy for building-, structural design- and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, energy simulations, 3D modelling, detailing and assembly. The company provides highly specialized software tools for construction companies, precast concrete factories, engineering firms and consulting companies. StruSoft’s software helps users save both time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency and productivity in the engineering process.

StruSoft provides several suites of software. These proprietary software solutions are built in close cooperation with the users, with a visionary and innovative approach to structural analysis and design, and upon more than 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. The programs have an outstanding technical performance in combination with a user-friendly interface that generates the insight and knowledge necessary and desired for handling complex, mission-critical building analysis & design challenges.

More than 10,000 users with more than 1,000 clients in over 20 countries are so far part of the StruSoft community. StruSoft is growing rapidly and has a team of 140 software and engineering professionals located in the Nordics, Hungary, India, the Philippines and UK.

About Vind, the majority owner in StruSoft

Vind is a privately owned industrial owner company with interests in private and public businesses across Europe, primarily focused on software for professionals, life science and niche focused engineering companies. Vind develops businesses with an eternal perspective and has preference for owning businesses with sustainable growth prospects that contribute to faster progress.

Vind can be either a majority owner or a minority partner when investing in private businesses. They offer a new permanent home to exceptional businesses when entrepreneur- or family owners consider a change in ownership. Vind is markedly different from most financial and corporate acquirers and investors, in that it fosters a decentralized and entrepreneurial leadership with minimal shorter-term pressure, as Vind has no plans to sell its businesses again.