StruSoft are delighted to announce the release of BIM Energy a new Building Energy Analysis Software.

BIM Energy will make your work much easier in finding energy savings while covering multiple use cases through its powerful features. The software has a simple and User friendly interface you can benefit from when calculating potential building energy savings in your building.

BIM Energy is developed by StruSoft as a web-based energy calculation software. We are committed to providing the best service and support in every local market in order to sustain the need for a way to calculate and dynamically analyse a building’s energy performance.

Building energy models are created quickly and intuitively in BIM Energy

The dynamic core quickly calculates the energy balance of the building hour by hour, for a complete year. It also takes the thermal inertia of the building into consideration.

BE_3D_building-2_small-2 (1)

The calculation core has been validated through Ashrae-140. The application can be used by everyone interested in calculating energy consumption in buildings, for all types of buildings and various activities worldwide. BIM Energy uses the same calculation core as old energy calculation software VIP-Energy.


Working with Energy Efficiency? StruSoft are too!

BIM Energy uses the same calculation core as our old energy calculation software VIP-Energy. The most apparent differences between the programs are how the user defines the climate barrier of the building which in BIM Energy is modelled in 3D inside the application and the fact that BIM Energy is web-based and runs in your browser, while VIP-Energy was a traditional desktop application.

Ask for a Demo to learn more about BIM Energy.

Since BIM Energy is so flexible and easy to use, we invite you to watch this short product demo or schedule a full one with our energy experts. An introduction to BIM Energy – you can ask for a Full Demo Request.

For further information about our BIM Energy software please visit the separate website by clicking the large button