StruSoft are delighted to announce that we have moved our HQ to a brand new office just outside Malmö, Sweden.

Since 2006, StruSoft’s HQ has been at the Villa Supreme near the centre of Malmö. As the company expanded we also opened a second office in 2017 near the Villa, but the time has come where we have outgrown both offices, are constrained by planning rules to be able to expand the Villa and need to move.

Our goal from the beginning was to accommodate a relaxed atmosphere, lower noise levels, improve the ambient temperature, give greater flexibility with the space, increase creativity and improve physical communication. Make the environment a more enjoyable place to work, easier for our Teams to collaborate on projects and ultimately to keep developing “best in class” specialist engineering software.

We have moved StruSoft HQ’s to a brand new building in Hyllie, which is just outside Malmö. Hyllie Train Station is a 5 minute walk from the office which means you can also get from Copenhagen Airport in 15 minutes, making it more convenient for our International Colleagues and Customers to visit us.

The move was only made possible by many hours of work by the architects, designers, contractors and our internal project group. Everyone has done a fantastic job and worked so hard to get the new offices ready for our grand opening on 13th April 2023.

If you would like to pay us a visit in the new office you would be most welcome, please feel free to send us a message by clicking this link.

We look forward to welcoming you!

You can find a link to the new Office address and map location by clicking here.