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Sandwich Wall Design

Watch the Sandwich Wall Design Overview Video for CAD

The Sandwich Wall Design module in IMPACT helps you design and detail precast sandwich walls in 3D, including automatic lifting and bracing placing and automatic centre of gravity calculation. Cast in materials and wall edge chamfer details including connections are also automated.

The software also generates automatic 2D shop drawings (including 3D representation) and in conjunction with the IMPACT Reinforcement module speeds up the rebar detailing process with automatic reinforcement templates and bar bending schedule (BBS) reports with shape codes and all bar/mesh weight info.

Any changes you make in the 3D model, plan, elevation, or on the shop drawings, are immediately updated on all corresponding drawings and models. The entire workflow is synchronized across all drawing areas with all corresponding project drawings automatically saved and updated at regular intervals.

Automation features within the IMPACT Sandwich Wall module include but are not limited to: electrical keys (MEP); cast-in materials; automatic connection details; chamfers; door & window openings; recesses; edge details; lintels; wall ties; thickenings, insulation and advanced geometries.

IMPACT Sandwich Wall can be provided as a standalone module or as part of the entire IMPACT Design Suite. We have developed custom automation on AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and Revit and there is flexibility to use the same software license through any of these three Industry-standard CAD and 3D modelling software.

Precast Sandwich Wall Design with the IMPACT software

Watch the Sandwich Wall Design Overview Video for Revit

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Full details Sandwich Wall module can be found on the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.