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Precast Software for Design, Production & Project Management

Tender Planning

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The Tender Planning module in IMPACT helps you you make a quick decision and get accurate delivery dates when quoting for new precast concrete projects.

Can you deliver the precast elements on site in 3 months, 4 months, or 6 months? Can you be sure on the commitment you are going to give to your Customers? What are the consequences if you are late with your project?

Plan you Precast Capacity months ahead in seconds

IMPACT Tender gives you a lightning-quick overview, enabling you to “rough-rough” plan extremely quickly. The Tender module allows you to consider all your rough and fined planned current projects and then factor on top potential precast projects for quick and accurate forecasting.

Tender is a tool for “rough-rough” planning, It determines if you have the capacity to start a new project and finish it before a specified date or to let you know when it can be finished given a specified pace.

This is done by setting up different production groups with different capacities during different weeks. Then product quantities are created, each Tender product has paces connecting to them. The capacity and workload can then be viewed on a bar chart with a capacity utilisation line to give you a quick and accurate idea on gaps in your production and whether you production is overloaded or under utilised.

Take away the headache of planning with spreadsheets

Rough planning in IMPACT is usually defined by dates/location and Fine planning is by the date, time and exact bed/mould location. However IMPACT Tender (rough-rough) planning is capacity planning based on a weekly basis.

All you need is the type of precast and the quantity required for a new project such as element count, or number of square meters etc. You will be able to plan months or years ahead, with full transparency of all existing and other tender planned projects.

This is a great tool to help Project Managers coordinate with Production and be able to commit to a delivery date for a new precast project. It takes away the complexity of planning with forecast spreadsheets using the IMPACT real-time data.

Precast Tender Planning

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For full technical details on the IMPACT Tender module please visit the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.


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