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Precast Software for Design,
Production & Project Management

Precast Software for Design, Production & Project Management

Company Standards

Company Standards are the foundations in the IMPACT software to bring the automation and controls to your precast design projects.

Company Standard creation is a key part of the implementation process for a new IMPACT Design customer.

We review your current design processes, drawings, precast element profiles, reinforcement and all cast in items to create your initial Company Standard in the IMPACT database.

There are endless possibilities with IMPACT to best match your current design workflow with the aim to bring as much automation to the modelling and shop drawings as best possible.

Company Standard creation is an iterative process and from the initial Company Standard we will also train you to be able to keep on developing and building up the standards throughout each new precast project as you continue with the journey using IMPACT.

All information in the IMPACT database can be filtered into three different levels of standards: –

  1. Common: this is the initial Company Standard used at the highest level;
  2. Local: only visible for a particular division or department;
  3. Project: information at Project level is only visible in that project.

The Company Standards can easily be copied and move to different levels and also exported/imported to different IMPACT databases using the IMPACT Standard Admin module. As well as providing controls on your precast projects and in house design teams, this option allows you to quickly bring in external detailing partners to work to your exact company standards and maintain tight controls on the design workflow as they detail to your exact Company Standards.

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Full technical details about Company Standards can be found on the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.


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