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Precast Software for Design,
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Precast Software for Design, Production & Project Management

IMPACT Support

You can always contact our IMPACT Support Team, if you have any software related questions. StruSoft digitally stores the information you submit (company, name, name, email, etc.) in order to contact you and provide customer service. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

StruSoft has implemented a brand new support system. This means that the previous support e-mails are now replaced with a new customer portal and a ticket system. All to make sure your support experience is better, tracked and faster.

What our customers say about our support

StruSoft’s support team has always been on hand to solve any issues and offer advice as we develop our process. Their experience in the industry makes it much easier to evolve and removes the need to explain requirements – we can go straight to HOW instead of WHY.

David Norry, FP McCann

My experience with the IMPACT support is outstanding and I get only prompt responses when I need help. They have given me many tips on how I should work with the software more efficiently and easily. I can ask for help from them whenever I need to at any time.  That I do really appreciate most, especially when I started using the software. This system makes my work easier.

I can contact IMPACT Support directly at any point throughout the day. That makes my life easier and solves my problem without losing any extra time.

Björk Sigursteins, Loftorka, Iceland

Great support from the IMPACT team.

Mathias Simoni Lindbjerg, Drauschke Consult, Denmark

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