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Precast Software for Design,
Production & Project Management

Precast Software for Design, Production & Project Management

How to Get IMPACT?

We have tried to make the downloading and installation of the IMPACT software as easy and as fast as possible for you, no matter if you are an existing Customer or if you are trying out the software for the first time. Please follow the instructions below to explain how you can get IMPACT.

All StruSoft software programs can be downloaded through the StruSoft Installer. This program takes care of all you installation files (including previous version of the program), updates and licenses.

Free Trial Version

Click on the Get Started Now button and apply for a free trial version.

You will be provided with help regarding installation, licensing and support using the program.

Free Student Version

Please note we do not provide Free Student versions for IMPACT. You won’t be able to select it on the list and please do not apply for a trial if you are a Student. Nothing against Students, it’s just that IMPACT is a software geared specifically towards Precast Concrete Businesses.

Existing Customer

If you are a Customer with an existing license that is already setup in the StruSoft Installer, you can also find the latest version from the Release Notes on the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.

System Requirements

Check the minimal and recommended system configurations for both the server and client computers on the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.

Watch Webinars with an Introduction to IMPACT

These webinars give you a good introduction and details regarding the basic functions in IMPACT. The webinars run through an entire project and you will learn more about what you can do with the software covering 3D modelling, detailing, production and project management.

Why wait? Get in touch and get started on your journey today!


Full details about every aspect of the IMPACT software on the IMPACT Wiki by clicking here.


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