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IMPACT Environment for Precast Projects

IMPACT Environment for precast concrete elements lets you calculate your greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) - for modules A1-A3 in EN 15804, this enables the user to do a detailed Life-Cycle Assessment calculation (LCA calculation).

The calculation of CO2 is done directly in IMPACT and can be done on a specific element or for an entire project. The IMPACT database is connected directly to Bionovas One Click LCA with access to more than 10000+ materials. To perform a full LCA calculation you complete your calculations in One Click LCA.

Some key features of IMPACT Environment module:

  • Compare material options in your project and find the most carbon-neutral solution
  • Evaluate how different options affect the carbon performance and how it changes during the project 
  • Gather data for the first 3 modules of a full LCA calculation, EN 15804 EPD calculation modules A1-A3 in IMPACT. Complete the full LCA calculation in One Click LCA
  • Volumes and materials of the elements are already known in the project in IMPACT
  • Save time by using the data in your IMPACT database


 Some key features about One Click LCA from Bionova:

  • One Click LCA quantifies all impacts that influence CO2 emissions
  • Automate the calculations from IMPACT and get immediate carbon result
  • The worldwide database includes 10000+ materials that sync with IMPACT
  • Compliant with BREEAM, LEED and additionally 30+ certifications
  • Bionova is present in more than 50 countries