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IMPACT Reinforcement Software

IMPACT Reinforcement is a an application for generating intelligent steel reinforcement models, drawings and schedules. It is a plug in application for AutoCAD and BricsCAD and provides an easy and intuitive way of defining complex reinforcement for both in-situ (RC) and precast concrete structures. Templates can be used to ensure that detailing is presented according to national practice, or users own preferences.

The smart objects in IMPACT Reinforcement contain all necessary information to define rebar including bar mark, shape code, leg lengths, end hooks, and material. Quantities are calculated automatically from distribution lines and spacing. Depending on view direction and bar settings, the bars are shown as easily read symbolic representations according to standard, but can also be displayed as 3D solids.

Drawing tools such as bars from polyline and surface reinforcement make rebar drafting quick and easy. Variable leg lengths and running length bars are also handled.


With rebar defined as smart objects, schedules can be created with the push of a button. Customizable layout and data extraction ensure consistency with company standards. Multiple DWG files can be connected to share bar mark definitions and allows for common scheduling across several drawings. For large projects, schedules can be filtered on any bar data, such as construction part or cast phase for easier call-off.

With IMPACT Reinforcement data is stored in an SQL Database in the Cloud. Using the database means that all project specifc bar numbers, mesh definitions and bending types are easily accessible in every drawing. A definition change of bar on a plan drawing affects all instances of that bar, on all drawings, plan or detail. Rebar data is stored every time the drawing is saved, guaranteeing that the schedule is always correct and up to date. The data can be exported to XML and BVBS or saved directly to Celsa Steel services QR web schedule service.


Most objects in IMPACT Reinforcement can be adapted to user preferences or company standards. End marks, end hooks, shape codes, rebar text, materials with bar diameters and jig radii, schedule layout and data can all be modified, to name a few.

  • Quick drafting of rebar
  • Unified style
  • Customizable
  • Multi-DWG schedule


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