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IMPACT | BIM Software for Precast Design & Planning

BIM Software for Precast Concrete Producers

IMPACT is an advanced 3D BIM precast software that provides the necessary tools for the precast concrete industry to efficiently manage, design, produce, transport and erect precast concrete elements.

IMPACT is comprised of three main areas:  Project, Design  and Production, all enabling you to work with your precast concrete elements in full 3D. IMPACT also includes an additional  Reinforcement  design software and Mobile  application.

The areas communicate through the same open database where the Building Information Model (BIM) is stored and is available to be accessed in real time by all stakeholders. Any changes from one area are reflected immediately to the others resulting in increased efficiency, accuracy and productivity, while reducing costs, avoiding conflicts and saving time. IMPACT Includes: -

Production Planning software for precast concrete elements

  • Transport planning
  • Cast planning
  • Cost Estimation
  • Workload planning
  • Project management
  • Factory management


3D BIM Design software for precast concrete elements

  • Automatic Shop Drawings
  • Design Precast Concrete Elements in 3D
  • Automatic Dimensioning
  • Automatic Reinforcement Templates
  • Revit Plugin
  • AutoCAD Plug-in
  • BricsCAD Plug in



IMPACT is a family of BIM software that provides the necessary tools for the precast concrete industry to efficiently manage, design, produce, transport and erect prefabricated elements.

IMPACT is comprised of three main areas: ProjectDesign, and Production, with an additional Reinforcement software that can also work as standalone on AutoCAD and BricsCAD. We also have a Mobile Application.


Tools to overview, support and manage all operations of the precast project


Detail and model your precast concrete elements to automatically generate shop drawings, assembly drawings and reports.


Own the entire precast process from production to erection


IMPACT Mobile is best tool for the factory and transport planners. It brings the ability to gain access to the IMPACT SQL Database from anywhere at any time


IMPACT Reinforcement is an application for generating intelligent steel reinforcement models, drawings and schedules

The IMPACT Wiki  is a seperate website containing detailed information on IMPACT.

The Wiki contains information on all IMPACT modules, including user guides, product descriptions, installation guides and more.

For all your IMPACT needs, please visit the IMPACT Wiki website.

If you have any IMPACT related support questions, you can always contact our support team.

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Important notices!

  • As IMPACT is a database based software, a database needs to be installed before any of the IMPACT software can run. Please contact our sales or support department for guidance.