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IMPACT | BIM Software for Precast Design & Planning

IMPACT provides the tools you need to implement a BIM workflow and manage every aspect of a precast concrete business, from design, production right through to projects, all in 3D.

Digital integration of design, production, and projects, are key to the success of your precast business. Therefore, speed of reaction, communication, control over logistics, the flow of information and integration between them are paramount.


IMPACT is fully customisable and tailored to suit your exact precast factory set up and processes around your three core business areas: Design, Production and Projects.

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IMPACT Design Features: Benefits:
Automatic Shop Drawings Reduce manual layout errors
Company Standards Standardise your design workflows
Full 3D modelling Minimise design errors
Automatic Dimensioning Speed up your design and detailing
Rebar Templates Automatic rebar detailing
AutoCAD, BricsCAD, Revit, Tekla® Integrate with industry software

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IMPACT Production Features:                 Benefits:
Resource Manager                             Plan multiple projects from any factory
3D Project Manager Visually manage a precast project
3D Cast Planner Utilize all of your production capacity
Transport Planner Optimize your transportation
Element Control Keep track of every precast element
IMPACT Go Connect to real-time data from anywhere

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With IMPACT it’s possible to import data from a wide range of sources, including Tekla®, AutoCAD, BricsCAD, Revit, XML, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets. Using common shared data with the creation of company standards drives automation; consistency and continuous improvement through the design, production and project workflows.

Keep track of any project or individual precast element wherever you are with the IMPACT Go mobile application.

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Do you want to realise a BIM workflow and improve your precast design; production and projects?

Make your precast elements right; first time; on time; every time with IMPACT.

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IMPACT is an advanced family of BIM software that provides you with the necessary tools to efficiently manage; design; produce; transport and erect precast concrete elements.

IMPACT is comprised of three main areas: DesignProduction and Projects with an additional Reinforcement software that can also work as standalone on AutoCAD and BricsCAD. We also have a mobile application, IMPACT Go, to allow you to access information on your precast projects and elements from anywhere.



Get Started Now

Do you want to realise a BIM workflow and improve your precast design; production and project planning?

Want to get away from using spreadsheets and get everyone connected to the same information; in real-time and from anywhere?

Are you interested in finding out more, or would you like a showcase? Click Get started now.


Detail and model your precast concrete elements to automatically generate shop drawings, assembly drawings and reports.


Integrate a complete BIM workflow and improve your precast production planning


Tools to overview, support and manage all operations of your precast project


IMPACT Go for mobile is the best tool for the factory and transport planners. It brings the ability to gain access to the IMPACT SQL Database from anywhere at any time

Tekla® Into IMPACT Production

Plan your Tekla projects in 3D with IMPACT production.

Pre-Stress Calculations in IMPACT

Improve your Pre-Stress calculation processes through IMPACT Precast


Calculate LCA and EPD with IMPACT Environment


IMPACT Reinforcement is an application for generating intelligent steel reinforcement models, drawings and bar bending schedules

The IMPACT Wiki  is a seperate website containing detailed information on IMPACT.

The Wiki contains information on all IMPACT modules, including user guides, product descriptions, installation guides and more.

For all your IMPACT needs, please visit the IMPACT Wiki website.

IMPACT Support

If you have any IMPACT related support questions, you can always contact our support team.

StruSoft has implemented a brand new support system. This means that the previous support E-mails are now replaced with a new customer portal. All to make your support experience better and faster.

For direct phone support, see below.

+46 (0) 40 60 60 816

+45 92 45 17 42

United Kingdom & Worldwide
+44 (0)1283 894 590

+91 (0)20 65 60 03 11


Our customers view on Support

David Norry, FP McCann, UK;

StruSoft's support team have always been on hand to solve any issues and offer advice as we develop our process. Their experience in the industry makes it much easier to evolve and removes the need to explain requirements - we can go straight to HOW instead of WHY 

Ivy Leah Gray, Stryn Betongelement, Norway;

My experience with the IMPACT support is outstanding and I get only prompt responses when I need help.  They have given me many tips on how I should work with the software more efficiently and easy. I can ask help from them whenever I need to at any time.  That I do really appreciate most, especially when I started using the software.  This system makes my work easier.  

Björk Sigursteins, Loftorka, Iceland;

I can contact IMPACT Support directly at any point through the day. That makes my life easier and solve my problem without losing any extra time.

Mathias Simoni Lindbjerg, Drauschke Consult, Denmark;

Great Support from the IMPACT team

Binesh Narayan, Kwik Precast, Ireland;

The support team has a great understanding of the product, which is reflected on providing help at any point through the day

StruSoft digitally stores the information you submit (company name, name, email, etc.) in order to contact you and provide customer service. For more information read our Privacy Policy here.


Welcome to our blog about IMPACT where you can find case studies, thoughts, stories, and ideas from the IMPACT Team. The blog is brimming with interesting content, relevant to anyone interested in IMPACT Design, Production and Project. 

Visit the IMPACT blog by clicking the image below, or this link

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Apr 29, 2021 3 free engineering webinars from StruSoft, that help you stay up to date within the construction industry
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Jan 15, 2021 StruSoft becomes the new owner of BuildSoft
Nov 25, 2020 A successful IMPACT User Conference 2020 'IN THE CLOUD'
Oct 09, 2020 Beam & Block (T-Beam) new software module release in IMPACT Design 16.0.005
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Jul 02, 2020 Crane capacity checks at the push of a button in IMPACT Project Manager
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May 29, 2020 IMPACT Go available for IOS and in the Apple© Store
Apr 24, 2020 New StruSoft office in Aalborg
Apr 07, 2020 New support system up and running
Apr 01, 2020 Free IMPACT Webinar: 3D Visual Transport Planning for Precast Elements
Mar 12, 2020 TCT implementing highly optimized systems for precast 3D modeling and planning.
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Dec 06, 2019 IMPACT launched in China
Nov 11, 2019 LIVE STREAM [Thursday 14th November] : IMPACT User Conference 2019
Jul 04, 2019 StruSoft announces acquisition by industrial owner company Vind
May 31, 2019 IMPACT precast software now compatible with BricsCAD v19
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May 16, 2019 British Precast 2019
Apr 26, 2019 StruSoft launches the new and improved Tekla Base tools 15.1
Apr 09, 2019 StruSoft Teams up with OSA
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Feb 20, 2019 StruSoft India conducted Hands on Training at office in Pune - 21st to 23rd Jan 2019
Feb 13, 2019 ICCX Central Europe 2019
Jan 24, 2019 Betongindustridagene Oslo 2019
Nov 27, 2018 IMPACT User Conference 2018 - Live Stream
Oct 17, 2018 Digital Construction Week 2018
Aug 20, 2018 Abetong AB joins IMPACT Revit family
May 23, 2018 StruSoft at IPHA Annual Conference 2018
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May 02, 2018 StruSoft attending PRECAST2018 17th of May at the Silverstone Race Circuit
Apr 25, 2018 The IMPACT Wiki is now live!
Feb 01, 2018 The FP McCann Group Advances into the 21st Century with StruSoft IMPACT and FEM-Design software

On this page, you can find a selection of previous webinars about IMPACT.

For a full list of previous webinars please visit our IMPACT webinars Youtube channel.

Improved Planning & Tracking of your Precast Projects - IMPACT Production

Interactive webinar regarding the implementation of our Cloud solutions, IMPACT and BIMcontact.

During the last year, we have all faced the trouble of working from home and the need to collaborate with our colleagues effortlessly and efficiently. 

We have made it possible for you to plan and keep track of every precast element through all stages of the process, from anywhere and working with real-time data.
In this webinar the following topics will be presented: -

  • Working from multiple locations with IMPACT
  • How to synchronize files automatic between different locations
  • File sharing and version/revision control (without synchronization)
  • Erection and site planning
  • Plan & keep track of every precast element, from anywhere and in real-time
  • Single source of truth for your entire precast project


3D Stack and Transport Planning Webinar - IMPACT Production

In this webinar, M.Sc. Thomas Gitsas (Business Development Manager) and M.Sc. Nikolaj Stephansen (Head of Sales) are presenting the newly developed Visual Stacker. 

  • Create stacks and move elements around in order to optimize the space
  • Rotate elements
  • Add stacks to vehicles 
  • Print Delivery Notes with unique QR Codes
  • And more.



Rough and Fine Planning Webinar - IMPACT Production 

In this webinar, M.Sc. Kristofer Hellman (Technical Support and Development) and M.Sc. Thomas Gitsas (Business Development Manager) are presenting the new features of IMPACT Production in version 16.

  • Rough Planning and Project Management
  • Fine Cast Planning
  • IMPACT Go (Mobile App)
  • Resource Manager 



Hollow Core 3D modeling and Planning - IMPACT Design & Production

In this webinar, M.Sc. Nikolaj Stephansen is presenting a workflow webinar of IMPACT Hollow Core.

  • Modeling the HC
  • Rough and fine planning, including Erection, Storage, Transport and Cast
  • IMPACT Go mobile application for IOS and Android
  • Calculation connections to PRE-Stress



Erection Planning 2.0 - IMPACT Production

In this webinar, Nikolaj Stephansen (Head of Sales - Precast) is presenting our Improved Erection Planning module in IMPACT Production.

  • Date dependencies (automatic date planning)
  • Erection planning
  • Crane checking
  • Crane planning
  • And maybe even a small surprise giving more automation in planning dates!


How to 3D Model & Detail Accurate Shop Drawings on Time with IMPACT Precast

 In this webinar, M.Sc. Nikolaj Stephansen (Head of Sales) is presenting our first international IMPACT for CAD webinar of 2021.

  • Detailing and 3D modeling your precast items in IMPACT for CAD
  • Walls, slabs, hollow-core, and more.
  • Using tools such as automatic cast-in material templates
  • Automatically generating production drawings
  • Exporting to IFC


IMPACT For Revit Design Workflow Webinar - IMPACT Design

In this webinar, B.Sc. Linus Karlsson (Technical Support and Development) is presenting IMPACT Desing for Revit.

  • Different Element types detailed in IMPACT for Revit
  • Automated Shop Drawings
  • This webinar is split in 2, with the second part being managing setup and details in IMPACT for Revit: Click here for part 2