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Reinforced Concrete Design

The Reinforced Concrete Design Software, FEM-Design, is a powerful design tool to help you design both Reinforced Concrete (RC) and Precast Concrete structures.

The reinforced concrete design is complete, simple and fast regardless of whether you have examined objects in a complete 3D modelling environment, or element by element in a 2D view.

Reinforced Concrete Design Software- FEM-Design

Reinforced Concrete Bar Design

  • The RC Bar Design module in the FEM-Design software can do both code checks for automatic reinforcement and manual design

  • Bars can be designed for both 1st and 2nd order analysis

  • The Nominal stiffness method and Nominal curvature method are both available

  • Utilisation for the section, stirrups, concrete, torsional reinforcement, and crack widths are calculated

  • The sections can be selected from the section database, or it can be customized in the section editor

  • As output, all design formulas are displayed, and design calculations are shown

Reinforced Concrete Shell Design  

Different kinds of detailed design results of RC shells, such as required and missing reinforcement, shear capacity, shell buckling and crack width are providing feedback about the design capacity. These unique results are supplemented with Utilisation results, which aim to consider all the available results for RC shells. They are available for each load combination, maximum of load combinations and maximum of load groups. We can also set where to consider compressed reinforcement or non-shear regions.

  • Choose between single or double-layer reinforcement

  • Check crack width and the buckling resistance of RC shells for designed reinforcement

  • Calculate shear and punching capacity

  • Use auto design for punching reinforcement design

  • Visualize all equations and calculations in the significant and critical points of the structures

Reinforced Concrete Cracked Section Analysis

Cracked-section analysis of RC shells and bars calculates displacement based on the cracked state and designed reinforcement of objects and an iteration mechanism. Considering elements, crack effect is a non-linear calculation, loading the structure in load steps and modifying the stiffness in every step to generate more and more cracks.

  • Internal forces are calculated according to the occurrence of cracks

  • The load is applied, and crack locations are calculated through iterations

  • Stiffnesses in the cracked locations are decreased for the next calculation

  • Gives internal forces in the range between linear elastic and plastic

  • Can be selected to load combinations, individually

Concealed Bar Design 

Concealed bar is a new RC design object that allows for designing certain parts of a shell as a bar. For example, a wall region over a door opening can be considered as a concealed beam. Manual and automatic design process for concealed bars is the same as for individual RC bars. Listed tables and displayed results are also similar, but concealed bar’s internal forces – derived from the shell’s internal forces – are also listed and displayed.

Punching Reinforcement Design

Punching check and design can be done according to Eurocode 2. The punching regions are automatically defined by the program at the plate–column intersections and wall ends, or you can define them manually.

Precast Concrete Design

The FEM-Design software also has all the tools you need to analyse and design precast concrete structures. 

The key to good analysis results in precast concrete lies in the connection conditions and types. Defining both elastic and plastic connections is an easy task in FEM-Design. All connection and support components can be set to “infinite” rigid, semi-rigid or free.

  • Non-linear behaviour of connections and supports (compression, tension and detach) can be considered.

  • Overturning of walls can be examined for the resultants of edge connections. 

  • Sliding of edge connections can be checked based on the ratio of design forces and friction capacity.

Benefits of using the FEM-Design Concrete Design Module

Detailed Design Checks to Eurocode 2

Pick a concrete member of a complex mixed structure and check or optimise its geometry and reinforcement according to Eurocode 2 and National Annexes.

Limitless Analysis and Design Features 

Let’s highlight some enhanced features: support environment as non-linear soil, non-linear elastic calculation, plastic analysis, cracked-section analysis, second-order analysis, stability and dynamic check, consideration of imperfection,  earthquake and fire effect.

Detailed Documentation Reporting

Numerous documentation possibilities are available for reinforced concrete design and check. Graphs, images, equations, tables and texts can build complete documentation in unique styles and for printing it as PDF, editable Word doc. format, Mathcad input or hard copy.

Versatile Dimensioning of Columns & Beams

FEM-Design designs and dimensions columns and beams either with an easy-to-use reinforcement editor or fully automatically, considering anchoring and second-order effects and other essential inspections in accordance with the standard.

Why wait? Download an automated 2 x week free trial of FEM-Design and get started today!

Calculations performed according to:

  • Euro Code
  • Belgian National Annex
  • British National Annex
  • Danish National Annex
  • Dutch National Annex
  • Estonian National Annex
  • Finnish National Annex
  • German National Annex
  • Hungarian National Annex
  • Latvian National Annex
  • Norwegian National Annex
  • Polish National Annex
  • Romanian National Annex
  • Spanish National Annex
  • Swedish National Annex
  • Turkish Seismic Code

Languages supported:

  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Polish

FEM-Design Wiki

Full details on the RC Design and the theory can be found on the FEM-Design Wiki by clicking here.

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