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IMPACT Production - Precast Planning Software

IMPACT Production is a highly customizable planning software that can be tailored to the needs of any precast factory, offering the ability to plan precast elements with accuracy down to individual cast units and giving managers full control of all resources in their factory.

Modules include Project manager, Cast Planning, Resource manager, Transport planning, Cost estimation & Mobile.


  • IMPACT Production provides a great overview of all projects by having the ability to reserve space in the factory schedule, keep track of cast units and staffing capacity, follow up on production, manage storage as well as take care of issues and rejected elements.
  • The precast concrete elements are planned directly onto casts using the 3D model, resulting in accurate and precise casts. The process becomes simpler and with fewer steps since design and production have access to the same model.
  • IMPACT provides quantities of cast-in materials, reinforcement, and holes in separate reports. The system can also automatically generate Bill of Material (BOM) lists, which are always up to date according to production designs, hence avoiding outdated and conflicted lists.
  • Advanced cost and resource management tools give a holistic view and increased control over the project. IMPACT also supports a number of export formats to other production planning systems (ERP) and production automation systems including Unitechnik, BETSY, ELiPLAN, and BVBS, as well as customer specific exports.
  • It is even possible to use IMPACT Production as standalone software, populating data from .xml files, .excel files or Tekla models


Latest Videos from IMPACT User Conference 2018

IMPACT Production - Fredrik Arheden


IMPACT Project Manager is an advanced project management tool, allowing the user to control the IMPACT project, creating erection plans, setting deadline dates for drawings, transport, cast and more. The interface of IMPACT Project Manager is highly customizable, servicing the needs of any user.

Working with IMPACT Design, or IMPACT Production, IMPACT Project Manager is the tool that binds everything together.


IMPACT Cast lets you do your cast unit planning in 3D, no matter if you are planning Walls, Sandwich walls, Hollow Core Slabs, or any of the other IMPACT Element types. It is also possible to plan models and elements brought through by other software, populating data from .excel sheets .xml files, or even Tekla models.

Some key features include:

  • Automatic Cast unit layout based on Transport stacks, Erection plans, or simple selection. 
  • Drag and Drop the 3D model from Project manager directly to casting units.
  • Move and plan whole casting days, weeks or even months using the built-in cast calendar.
  • Cast unit planning across multiple projects and factories, allowing you to plan the whole business. 


With IMPACT Transport it is possible to plan delivery on your whole fleet of vehicles across factories and delivery addresses. No matter if you are loading Walls, Sandwich walls, Hollow Core Slabs, or any of the other IMPACT Element types. It is also possible to plan loads for models and elements brought through by other software, populating data from Excel sheets XML files, or even Tekla models.

Some key features include:

  • Automatic transport and stack layout based on Casting units, Erection plans, or simple selection. 
  • Drag and Drop the 3D model from Project manager directly to transport and stack units.
  • All transports are automatically color coordinated with the 3D model, giving a quick and easy overview. 


IMPACT Resource Manager is software for planning the whole production chain, controlling element storage location, element disorders, element rejections, element casts across multiple projects and much more. 

Some key features include:

  • Managing element storage location and status.
  • Managing element disorders and rejections across the whole business.
  • In conjunction with IMPACT Cast, planning casting units across multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Setting up transports, stacks, and cast units for all factories.


IMPACT Cost estimation collects data on all your projects. And can be used to calculate time and costs down to every single cast in material and drop of concrete used.

Some key features include:

  • Automatic time calculation of produced projects. 
  • Automatic cost calculation of produced projects.
  • Automatic generation of reports to summarize costs and time on whole projects, or selections of elements.

IMPACT Mobile brings the ability to gain access to the BIM model from anywhere at any time, with the convenience of mobile phone applications.

IMPACT Mobile is a supplemental application to the IMPACT suite of Structural construction software. IMPACT is a family of BIM software that provides the necessary tools for the precast concrete industry to efficiently manage, design, produce, transport and erect prefabricated concrete elements. IMPACT Mobile enables tracking of element status with detailed information. Ability to scan QR codes to update the BIM database about element status.

The main features of IMPACT Mobile are:

  • Using QR-codes or search to add Elements, Casts, Stacks or Transports to the main list.
  • Using the added elements in the app and adding them to a storage location.
  • Searching for elements and viewing their status, setting element status.
  • Set Cast Units to status "Produced"
  • Set Transport status to "Call Off" or "Delivered"

Find IMPACT Mobile on the Google Play Store


If you do not have IMPACT Design, for BricsCAD, AutoCAD or Revit. - Or if you need to import projects done by Consultants not using IMPACT Design. Data can still easily be imported to IMPACT Production in a variety of ways.

Possibilities listed below:

  • Map and import Revit Elements with our custom mapping and saving tools
  • Map and import Tekla Elements with our Tekla Base tools
  • Import elements from Excel sheets
  • Import elements from .XML files


For more information on each possibility, please look to the right of this webpage, to find the StruSoft representative in your area -->