We are happy to announce that we are strengthening our presence in Poland to provide the best service and local support for our customers in the Polish market. This is part of our continuous growth and mission: to make life easy for structural engineers who work with the analysis, design, manufacture, and assembly of buildings.

Our new colleague, Marek Krawczyk, has the mission to develop our main products, focusing primarily on FEM-Design while ensuring our service brings added value to our local customers. Marek is a versed structural engineer with international experience, working on projects across Europe, the UK, the USA, and Asia.

Hi Marek! Welcome to the StruSoft team; we’re delighted to have you by our side!

First, could you tell us your position at StruSoft? 

I joined StruSoft at the beginning of August as the Country Manager in Poland.

What will be the main product that you’ll be working on?

I’ll be working with FEM-Design software, and I’m in charge of developing the Polish market.

How was your first month in the StruSoft team? Can you give us some insights about colleagues and the company culture?

My first month at StruSoft was a massive change for me from a professional and personal perspective. It was great that I found here a perfect understanding of the technology dynamic and life itself. So, I was fully supported when I became a father a bit earlier than expected, on the third day as an employee. Going further, I feel I can always count on guidance from my experienced colleagues, who are definitely supporting me to excel in my new role.

We know that you will have the mission to develop and extend the market in Poland with our FEM-Design product. What is your vision about this?

I can say that the Polish structural design market has made a considerable leap in the last two decades. Many elements of the process were improved, and some are still in the progress.

Here I see the role of the FEM-Design tool much more user-friendly and accurate than those commonly used in Poland. I want to show Polish professionals that sometimes it is good to change habits.

What are your long-term objectives?

I would like to establish a StruSoft unit supporting a community of FEM-Design users and students, to create a pool for fluent exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Why do you think FEM-Design will be an excellent choice for users?

Mainly, I think, because of the simplicity and speed of usage. Additionally, I love modules with detailed results.

And in the end, tell us a bit about your journey before StruSoft and how you plan to develop further.

I will begin with my education: I graduated from the Cracow University of Technology – Civil Engineering and finished my master’s degree here.

As I started working in the industry while studying, I could work a little bit on the construction side as a drafter and assistant to civil engineering court expert.

After that, I jumped onto the typical development path of the Structural Engineer, getting more knowledge and experience year by year. During this time, I worked on various projects in the USA, UK, Europe, and some of Asia.

Part of it was in the construction field. However, over the past few years, I have been thinking about my career path to make it a bit more sociable, so I accepted the challenge as a Country Manager in Poland. I plan to extend the market here and succeed in this position.

If you want to add something more, please share it with us.

Nice to meet you, and I hope to see you all in the future!

Thank you very much for your time! We appreciate it and look forward to hearing great things about StruSoft in Poland

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