API Specialist, Johanna Riad, nurtures a curiosity about how to find and improve upon smart structural design solutions. It was therefore natural to take the step towards automation and join StruSoft.

Johanna Riad started with us at the Gothenburg office this summer. She is a civil engineer and has studied the Architecture and Engineering program at Chalmers University of Technology. After that, Johanna worked as a structural engineer using both FEM-Design and WIN-Statik software.

With the growing interest in automation and API’s, Johanna now helps our Customers automate their structural design workflows with FEM-Design’s API. She also recently hosted these webinars about the integration of the FEM-Design API, Grasshopper and using C# programming.

FEM-Design API and Grasshopper Webinar Recording

FEM-Design API in C# Webinar Recording

Your business card says, “API Specialist”. What is behind that title?

“I help our customers get a more efficient workflow with the help of our API for FEM-Design, Johanna explains. When the user wants to customise their process, for example to generate element drawing with given rules, I develop a script for FEM-Design that handles this automatically. I also train and guide the customer when they want to develop their own scripts. Time and resources are freed up that create added value.”

Johanna sees a growing interest among customers for automation and FEM-Design’s API.

“Many are interested and have started developing, we can then assist with our skills and experience so that the customer quickly can produce not only the script itself, but also how to work with this technology in the projects.”

Why this interest in automation?

“It is quite obvious because customers see the value of our API, says Johanna. Above all, the API solution frees up time so that the user can focus on other areas in their project, such as quality assurance and verifications that there might not have been time for before. To get rid of many repetitive tasks that do not create value.”

But it’s not just about getting more efficient processes in the projects. The API opens for completely new possibilities, Johanna points out.

“With the help of the API, the engineer can work with, for example, complex geometries, parameter studies and optimisation of structures that have not been possible before.”

Training on site adapted to the customer’s needs for automation

When the customer needs guidance and knowledge to quickly become productive, we hold various forms of trainings in FEM-Design’s API, adapted to the level of knowledge.

“We run tailor-made trainings depending on the number of participants. It can be an individual engineer or a group. It can be in the form of workshops or more individually, depending on the customer’s needs.”

Proximity to the customer’s typical workday is important, says Johanna. To provide competent guidance directly on site.

“The best way to learn is to test your new knowledge. Therefore, we sit with the customer at the desk and provide support and help in programming the API so that you can move forward.”

It is worth its weight in gold and increases the customer value of FEM-Design.

Are you interested in automation and finding out more about FEM-Design API? Please feel free to reach out to our API Specialist Johanna at johanna.riad@strusoft.com.