We have released FEM-Design 22. The new version includes many brand-new features and significant improvements in all areas of our 3D structural design & analysis software.

Every year, we improve our software in close cooperation with our users. We make their work life easier by increasing the quality, efficiency, and productivity of their structural design and analysis workflows. As a result, this will help users save time and money.

To continue our mission of delivering outstanding software functionality, FEM-Design 22 will be a game-changer in terms of calculation speed compared to the already-accelerated previous version and will make design tasks seem effortless.

As always, our software will support all aspects of structural engineering, so you get the necessary tools and knowledge for handling complex, mission-critical building challenges.

Discover below the key developments in FEM-Design 22 that will give you a competitive edge.

FEM-Design 22

Up to 300% faster calculations than v21

  • Parallelization and refactoring of matrix assembly and solver algorithms
  • Addition of a brand new eigensolver
  • Improvements in processing and application of finite element mesh

Analyze & test more scenarios in the same amount of time, increasing efficiency and giving you a competitive edge

Improved construction stages

  • Time-dependent analysis (TDA) with:
    • 3 creep analysis model,
    • 2 shrinkage analysis models, and
    • 2 elasticity analysis models
  • Option to remove temporary objects

Use time-dependent analysis (TDA) in order to model constraint creep, shrinkage and concrete material elastic moduli increment during time and get more accurate results.

FEM-Design 22
FEM-Design v22

Tools for model management and teamwork

  • 3 brand-new tools that allow for communication between different team members on the project (model) level and objects level in a given model, as well as to compare different versions of the same model and manage the changes:
    • Model version log
    • Note tool
    • Compare Files tool

Empowers team members to manage model changes with ease, boosting productivity and reducing errors.

Enhanced RC design module

  • Shear and bending moment reduction for RC bar according to EN1992-1-1
  • Brand new single reinforcement bar object for plates and walls
  • Shear capacity calculation and shear reinforcement design of concrete shells according to EN1992-1-1
  • Auto design of shell reinforcement for crack width
  • RC shell fire design that completes the RC fire module

Use the strengthened RC design module for even more accurate design of complex projects.

FEM-Design v22
FEM-Design 22https://strusoft.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=25385&action=edit&lang=en#

Improved modeling & input tools

  • Retaining walls can be modeled and designed to maintain vertical soil surfaces
  • The Surface connection modeling tool is available for all shell object types
  • Copy the properties of an edge connection from wall to wall or from plate to plate
  • Improved load groups and generation of load combinations

Boost your productivity and minimize modeling errors, thus assuring quality.

Improved interoperability

  • 3D-BIM-based collaboration between FEM-Design and IDEA StatiCa steel joint Checkbot
  • 3D-BIM-based collaboration between FEM-Design and Nemetschek Allplan
  • Improvements to IFC Import / Export
  • Improvements to SAF Import

Save time by using the direct links to external software for fluent model exchanges.

FEM-Design 22

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Upcoming webinars about FEM-Design 22

Check out the list of upcoming live webinars about the new version. Our sales consultants are ready to walk you through the new features and help you better understand the benefits of using our 3D structural design & analysis software in your projects.

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FEM-Design 22 support videos

“I immediately felt it was user-friendly; you get fast changes and fast models on the fly. I’ve been a sole user in the beginning, but now it has been spreading through the engineers. It’s the appropriate software for various applications.”

Georgi Nedev, Bridge Engineer at TBS

“We use FEM-Design for both large and small projects. Everything from wooden constructions to concrete constructions, so it is a broad spectrum of all the major constructions that exist in Denmark.”

Laust Kristensen, Technical Director at MOE

“I’m really happy with the collaboration we have. There’s a lot of support and there’s a lot of interest in listening to the customers. It’s been like this since I first started using FEM-Design many years ago. FEM-Design is my favorite software because it’s a powerful tool. It’s a tool that I can use for almost all scenarios I see in my daily work life.”

Claus Jensen, structural engineer at Ramboll

“It’s the best global analysis software for precast, that’s for sure, and that’s why we in Consolis use it for global design. So, we use exclusively FEM-Design. And compared to other global structural analysis software, the main advantage is all the tools and the functions that you have specifically for precast.”

Gabriel Tarta, R&D Project Manager at Consolis

“FEM-Design is a tool that can be used very easily and I learned it quite fast. And I’m still learning it because it evolves faster than I can learn. I use FEM-Design for global calculations and element calculations, together with other software, such as Frame Analysis and PRE-Stress when I need to design pre-stressed slabs.”

Sorin Vasile, Team Leader of Global Calculation Team at Consolis

“I make global structural models in FEM-Design and also calculate everything from the global things to the smallest details. We used to have different finite element software, but we wanted something more powerful where you can not only get the forces but also calculate the members. The most popular finite element software in Scandinavia is FEM-Design and that’s how we came to know it. It had many features that our previous software didn’t have and so we just tried it for a big project, and we were amazed by how easy it is to use.”

Viktors Magone, structural engineer at UPB

Dedicated WIKI page

Other support materials for FEM-Design are a few clicks away. Visit the dedicated WIKI page to find the complete list of features in v22.

The WIKI page will help you better understand the inner workings of our 3D structural design & analysis software so you can get the most out of the experience.

Level-up your skills with FEM-Design 22 and win more & better structural engineering projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about FEM-Design and would like a free trial please click the Get a Free Trial Button.