DIMENSION – Plane Stringer Models

Dimension – Stringer is used for the calculation and design of plane stringer models according to the European construction standards.

A stringer model can consist of several stringers and shear fields with associated supports and loads. A shear field is surrounded by 4 stringers.

Stringer is used to determine the shear forces and deformations of plane stringer models according to the linear elastic theory and the plastic theory. In addition, utilisations for both stringers and shear fields are calculated.

In settings it is possible to define the standard concrete material and reinforcement in stringers as well as to define whether the structure is vertical or horizontal.

The structure is plotted on a drawing surface, which contains useful tools for quick definition of the structure with supports and loads.

Instead of drawing the model, it is possible to import an element from a json file (e.g., from IMPACT), and have the stringer model generated from the element. The program figures out where the stringers should be placed relative to the element and the string width requirements.

The safety factors for load types are included in the program, so that the load combinations are automatically set up when the appropriate loads are selected.

The cross-section catalogue is used to set up cross-sections for the shear fields. The width of the stringers, reinforcement and concrete material are defined for each stringer.

The result is a table with internal force, deformations, and reactions as well as utilisation for stringers and shear fields. The results can be displayed for each load combination, as well as minimum and maximum values.

Different printouts can be defined as required. The online help shows the use of the program in some calculation examples.

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