DIMENSION Structural and HVAC programmes – a solid foundation for your structures

DIMENSION is a series of structural and HVAC analysis programs that simplifies and automates the design of load-bearing structures. Each programme in the series focuses on the determination, utilisation, and design of different types of structures and materials.
The programs include calculation options for both load-bearing structures and geotechnics as well as HVAC. In developing the programs, we have focused on functionality to ensure a quick overview. Complex calculations are carried out quickly and easily and documented in clear printouts. The programs calculate in accordance with the Eurocode and the Danish National Annexes.

Load-bearing structures

With these programs, it is easy to design beams, columns, walls and slabs in virtually all shapes and materials. The programs are designed for both ULS, fire and SLS.


The geotechnical programs allow you to calculate most geotechnical structures, such as column and wall foundations, piles, basement walls and retaining walls. The program checks both the bearing capacity of the soil and the structure.


The other programs in DIMENSION are used for designing timber structures for small buildings, heating and water installations, and masonry.

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