Dimension plumbing programmes – WaterNet

The program is an interactive, menu-driven program with an emphasis on flexibility and ease of use. Its main purpose is to be a practical tool for designing water installations. The program allows you to describe a water installation, consisting of branch pipes, distribution pipes, tap points and circulation pipes.

After the network has been described, the data checked and any errors corrected, it is possible to make a calculation. The program distributes the water flows, calculates the probable water flows and, based on the pressure in the bore and the minimum pressure required at the tapping points, designs the pipe runs to make the best possible use of the pressure while not exceeding the maximum permissible water velocity in the pipes.

Circulation pipes are sized according to the requirements for maximum cooling of the hot service water, the requirements for a minimum water velocity in the circulation pipe, and the maximum pressure drop in the pipes. The circulating water flow is calculated from a given heat loss per metre from the pipes. In this way, it is very easy to add or delete pipes and tap points, and then make a new calculation.

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