DIMENSION Concrete slabs

Concrete slabs are used for the design of two-way spanning concrete slabs based on K.W. Johansen’s yield-line theory.

The slab can be freely specified, with supports being placed along the sides of the slab, with 1 to 4 sides being supported. You can select between 22 yield-line figures.

The program determines the optimal location of the yield-lines and makes the appropriate calculations based on the loads and supports for the selected load combinations and yield-line configurations. The program provides an upper bound solution, where the design moment is determined according to K.W. Johansen’s plate theory.

For serviceability combinations, normal deformations and crack widths are calculated. For ultimate limit state, accidental limit state and fire combinations, the load bearing capacity is checked. Corner forces are also calculated. Your own reinforcement types can be defined, and it is possible to set up a standard fire case.
The program checks the requirements for the concrete cross-section according to EN1992.

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