Designs simple glulam beams and glulam columns in 10 different standard structures according to the European standard.

The programme has been developed in cooperation with the Glulam Manufacturers’ Association (FLD). The programme contains 10 standard structures. The user has the option to specify span, load width, roof pitch, camber, duration of fire, support conditions and loads.
The program calculates the required size of the beam or column and calculates both the initial and final deformation as well as the utilisation for moment, shear and lateral torsional buckling for beams and the utilisation for normal force and buckling of columns.
The program can consider snow and wind loads according to EN 1991. The programme can consider the effects of fire. The programme can calculate circular and rectangular glulam and regular structural timber.
The programme considers the requirements for initial and permanent deformation, the requirements for ultimate limit state and fire with a possible warning in case of lateral torsional buckling.
The program includes a detailed printout, which can be used as documentation for e.g., authorities.

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