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Oct 28, 2021 New feature in FEM-Design 21 – Fire design of CLT panels
Oct 27, 2021 Non-linearity and “Why do I get tension where there should be no tension?”
Jun 18, 2021 Get control of the foundation with FEM-Design!  FEM-Design
Jun 16, 2021 Interview with Johnny Kronvall on the latest feature release for BIM Energy BIM Energy
Jun 01, 2021 Customer support is important for FEM Design user Anders Hejnfelt at Sweco in Denmark FEM-Design
May 06, 2021 StruSoft announces the new ownership of Matrix Software PRE-Stress, WIN-Statik, DIMENSION, BIMcontact, IMPACT, VIP-Energy, BIM Energy, FEM-Design
Apr 29, 2021 3 free engineering webinars from StruSoft, that help you stay up to date within the construction industry IMPACT, BIM Energy, FEM-Design
Apr 28, 2021 FEM-Design's geomodule saved time and provided a better financial solution when PCC Projekt AS designed the foundation for Tallinn's new cultural school. FEM-Design
Apr 28, 2021 Interested in automating workflows with our API? Write the code yourself or let us help! FEM-Design
Mar 30, 2021 COWI design new town hall in Höje-Taastrup with great benefit of PREFAB-Print FEM-Design
Mar 30, 2021 98% of users satisfied with our customer support! WIN-Statik, FEM-Design
Mar 17, 2021 BIM Energy – Introduction to comparison feature in an interview with our newest developer BIM Energy
Mar 15, 2021 Peikko & Strusoft FEM DELTABEAM Hybrid Timber Slab Webinar FEM-Design
Mar 12, 2021 Dimension 2021 l Opdateringer, Nyheder & Webinars DIMENSION
Mar 04, 2021 FEM-Design's Global analysis brings many benefits to Sitowise FEM-Design
Mar 03, 2021 StruSoft BIM collaboration day - from architectural model to site production IMPACT, FEM-Design
Feb 25, 2021 Why is AFRY able to design structures others can’t? FEM-Design
Feb 22, 2021 BIM Energy – web-based energy calculation software available @Strusoft BIM Energy
Jan 28, 2021 FEM-Design 20 – from a developer’s point of view FEM-Design
Jan 15, 2021 StruSoft becomes the new owner of BuildSoft PRE-Stress, WIN-Statik, DIMENSION, BIMcontact, IMPACT, VIP-Energy, BIM Energy, FEM-Design
Jan 10, 2021 Ramboll engineers increase their knowledge in FEM-Design according to their own needs and wants FEM-Design
Nov 25, 2020 A successful IMPACT User Conference 2020 'IN THE CLOUD' IMPACT
Oct 23, 2020 Safer working methods and improved data flow for StruEngineers thanks to BIMcontact BIMcontact
Oct 09, 2020 Beam & Block (T-Beam) new software module release in IMPACT Design 16.0.005 IMPACT
Oct 02, 2020 Structural Analysis Model Sharing (SAF) FEM-Design
Sep 02, 2020 FEM-Design API - Deconstruct your FE-models for a smoother BIM experience! FEM-Design
Aug 20, 2020 Is it time to ditch the spreadsheet and integrate a BIM workflow into your Precast Projects? IMPACT
Jul 02, 2020 Crane capacity checks at the push of a button in IMPACT Project Manager IMPACT
Jul 01, 2020 StruSoft acquires Jigi and opens a Strusoft branch office in Finland StruSoft Jigi
Jun 11, 2020 Plan for months ahead in a matter of minutes with IMPACT Tender Quantities IMPACT
May 29, 2020 IMPACT Go available for IOS and in the Apple© Store IMPACT
Apr 24, 2020 New StruSoft office in Aalborg IMPACT, FEM-Design
Apr 07, 2020 New support system up and running IMPACT
Apr 01, 2020 Free IMPACT Webinar: 3D Visual Transport Planning for Precast Elements IMPACT
Mar 12, 2020 TCT implementing highly optimized systems for precast 3D modeling and planning. IMPACT
Mar 04, 2020 Customers perspective on IMPACT Webinars IMPACT
Feb 10, 2020 New support system for IMPACT customers IMPACT
Jan 30, 2020 StruSoft at Betongindustridagene 2020 in Oslo, Norway IMPACT, FEM-Design
Jan 27, 2020 New features and improvements in the newly released FEM-Design 19 FEM-Design
Dec 13, 2019 Major Release - Introducing IMPACT 16! IMPACT
Dec 11, 2019 Introducing FEM-Design 19 - New features and news!
Dec 06, 2019 IMPACT launched in China IMPACT
Nov 11, 2019 LIVE STREAM [Thursday 14th November] : IMPACT User Conference 2019 IMPACT
Jul 10, 2019 StruSoft StruXML Revit Add-In 1.1.013 is released
Jul 04, 2019 StruSoft announces acquisition by industrial owner company Vind PRE-Stress, WIN-Statik, DIMENSION, BIMcontact, IMPACT, VIP-Energy, BIM Energy, StruSoft Portal
Jul 01, 2019 Meet Fredrik Lagerström - Prefab specialist at StruSoft PRE-Stress
Jun 27, 2019 FEM-Design API - Examples, videos and wiki
Jun 03, 2019 FEM-Design 18.00.003 is released.
May 31, 2019 IMPACT precast software now compatible with BricsCAD v19 IMPACT
May 23, 2019 StruSoft at IPHA Annual Conference 2019 PRE-Stress, IMPACT
May 22, 2019 New StruSoft Office in Romania PRE-Stress
May 16, 2019 British Precast 2019 IMPACT
Apr 26, 2019 StruSoft launches the new and improved Tekla Base tools 15.1 IMPACT
Apr 26, 2019 Peikko’s PSB® part of StruSoft’s FEM Design Package
Apr 09, 2019 StruSoft Teams up with OSA IMPACT
Apr 08, 2019 Strusoft visiting Bauma 2019 IMPACT
Mar 10, 2019 StruSoft StruXML Revit Add-In 1.1.012 is released
Feb 13, 2019 ICCX Central Europe 2019 IMPACT
Jan 24, 2019 Betongindustridagene Oslo 2019 PRE-Stress, IMPACT
Jan 17, 2019 FEM-Design 18 is released
Jan 16, 2019 FEM-Design WIKI - new knowledge center
Nov 27, 2018 IMPACT User Conference 2018 - Live Stream IMPACT
Sep 10, 2018 FEM-Design 17.01.004 is released
Aug 20, 2018 Abetong AB joins IMPACT Revit family IMPACT
Aug 06, 2018 New Tekla Tools are released
Jul 19, 2018 Labeled sections in FEM-Design
Jul 11, 2018 Automation can make robustness analysis more efficient
Jul 09, 2018 FEM-Design 17.01.003 is released
May 23, 2018 StruSoft at IPHA Annual Conference 2018 PRE-Stress, IMPACT
May 17, 2018 StruSoft StruXML Revit Add-In 1.1.011 is released
May 13, 2018 Design cooperation between StruSoft and FP McCann optimizes design of insulated panels IMPACT
May 07, 2018 FEM-Design 17.01 is released
May 02, 2018 StruSoft attending PRECAST2018 17th of May at the Silverstone Race Circuit PRE-Stress, IMPACT
Apr 25, 2018 The IMPACT Wiki is now live! IMPACT
Feb 01, 2018 The FP McCann Group Advances into the 21st Century with StruSoft IMPACT and FEM-Design software IMPACT
Jan 22, 2018 FEM-Design 17 is released
Sep 28, 2016 PRE-Stress Flexible Support PRE-Stress