One of Denmark’s leading manufacturers of glass fibre reinforced concrete, BB Fiberbeton A/S, have just completed a prestigious GRC structural design project.

The Danish manufacturer, established in 1984, is located close to Copenhagen. BB Fiberbeton produce more than 60,000m2 GRC per year, used for balconies and facades amongst others.

One of BB Fiberbeton’s current projects, is Sky Park, by Zaha Hadid Architects in Bratislava, Slovakia. This is a new 20,000m2 public park, with more than 700 apartments and 55,000m2 office and retail space. BB Fiberbeton produced the façade cladding consisting of 12mm GRC ,mounted on a steel frame, with wall ties.

FEM-Design Reinforced Concrete

BB Fiberbeton used FEM-Design structural analysis and design software for more than 2 years, to analyse the force distribution in the GRC elements. The façade cladding for this particular project differs from most other projects, since the cladding is curved in multiple directions. This makes the task of analysing the strain and stresses, in the elements, a lot tougher.

The responsible Structural Engineer at BB Fiberbeton, Ronni Jensen, explains how FEM-Design helped in completing this task:

“By combining polygonal shell elements in FEM-Design and FEM-Design’s feature to import DWG-files from AutoCAD, it was possible to create a structure with a static behaviour, similar to the end product.”

When asked if he’s satisfied with FEM-Design and the collaboration with StruSoft in general, Ronni Jensen ended our conversation saying:

“Very, without StruSoft’s support and FEM-Design, we would not be able to solve such complex engineering projects, that are demanded nowadays”.

If you want to know more about the Sky Park Project please click the following link: BB Fiberbeton, Sky Park