Designing DELTABEAM® in FEM-Design is now made easier in with the help of a new feature. It is a result of the close collaboration between the Finnish manufacturer, Peikko®, and StruSoft.

“We benefit from StruSoft’s experience in concrete”, says Peikko’s CEO Topi Paananen.

For thirty years, the DELTABEAM® has been used in more than 15,000 construction projects around the world. The steel beam is manufactured by Peikko®, Finland, which is a global supplier of fasteners for concrete and composite structures.

In spring 2020, completely new features were released that facilitates designing DELTABEAMS® in FEM-Design. A major advantage is that the engineer gets the correct stiffness in the FEM model at an early stage. The program automatically presents different design suggestions based on data from Peikko®.

To develop the innovative calculation function, Peikko® and StruSoft initiated a project a year ago. The two companies have many points of contact.

“We are industry colleagues and have gotten to know each other over the years”, says Topi Paananen who is CEO of Peikko® Group. “We work in the same market, towards the same customers and we have a common understanding of the construction industry and its challenges.”

This is not the first time that the two Nordic companies have collaborated

“This is our second project and it won’t be the last, Topi says. Our cooperation works very well since we have a mutual trust between us. It has been a creative and dynamic time in our development project.”

Why has Peikko® chosen StruSoft and FEM-Design in the development project? There are other programs available.

“An important reason is StruSoft’s competence and experience in concrete, for example with the IMPACT program. Here, our markets overlap.”

The calculation feature for designing DELTABEAM® in FEM-Design provides profits for both companies

“We manufacture physical details in our customer’s needs by FEM support when choosing the right sized beam. The users of FEM-Design get a better opportunity to get the right dimension and we at Peikko® increase our visibility in the market with the support of an internationally well-known supplier of FEM software.”

Topi sees several advantages with the calculation feature. The structural engineer saves time used, you can quickly evaluate different size options. Another advantage is that the design of the building structure is improved since the right dimension is chosen, which also facilitates the assembly of the structure.

“The customers keep the time frame and at the same time increases the quality of the construction project.”

After the release, training has started where users get more knowledge of how the feature works in practice. The Nordic co-operation is a success for both companies and opens up for new exciting development projects.

Love Janson, ComWise

Photo: Peikko®