Our colleague from Denmark, Anders Nilsen, had an interview about StruSoft’s API timber design solutions with Jeppe Bang, who is working as a structural engineer for a Danish company called Artelia.

The great news is they often use FEM-Design to do structural analysis.

Jeppe Bang presented Artelia as a sizeable Danish company with about 1000 employees in Denmark.

They are located in different cities around Denmark; for example, in Aarhus, where Jeppe lives, there are 120 employees, a pretty large company department.

Anders asked him about our API group in Sweden that has helped them find an API solution for a project.

The project is called Lerche, and it is located in Odense, Denmark. It is a large public building with house offices for 10 public agencies.

API Timber Design

Also, interestingly, the API solution is made of timber, so all structural elements are modelled in wood, except for some concrete cores, using our Timber Design Module.

In the video below, you will have the chance to see more about how they used one model for the basement where they converted the load from multiple other FEM-Design models.

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